Next-Gen Lomography Digitaliza Scanning Kits Released

Next-Gen Lomography Digitaliza Scanning Kits Released


New York, NY—To meet the increased demand to preserve and archive memories, Lomography introduced two Lomography Digitaliza scanning kits: the Max and Digitaliza+.

Both offer full control over the scanning of 35mm, 120 and special-format negatives. Along with a built-in backlight, they include a 127 film mask and a 35mm panoramic diffuser for spreading the light evenly throughout the frame.

Lomography Digitalizer Max scanning kit Digitaliza-Max-kit-w-box
Lomography Digitalizer Max scanning kit

What’s more, Digitaliza scanning masks enable users to scan special formats like overlapping exposures, panoramas or exposed sprocket holes. The kits also feature an advancing knob and a removable spirit level to make sure everything stays straight.

In addition, photographers choose the camera settings to control how they want the images to look, adjusting colors, tones and contrasts as well as the crop.

Lomography Digitaliza Scanning Kits

Lomography Digitaliza Max

The brand-new Lomography Digitaliza Max scanning kit is an all-in-one film scanner solution. Its detachable smartphone stand enables fast scans using a smartphone. It also works with digital cameras—DSLRs or mirrorless models.

Moreover, for standard frames or more experimental shots, the compact, lightweight modular system makes scanning simple using a built-in backlight panel as well as 35mm and 120 film holders.

Lomo-Digitalizer-scanning kit-Max-smartphone
Lomography Digitalizer Max

For scanning at home or on the go, they can use the backlight for simple scans or an external light source with the 35mm film carrier. The device scans 35mm, 120 or even 127 negatives in minutes. Further, photographers can control the final outcome of the scan, including the crop and colors.

The Lomography Digitaliza Max is available for preorder and May delivery. It has a suggested retail price of $99.

Lomography Digitaliza+

If consumers want to opt for a smaller scanning kit, Lomography also introduced the Digitaliza+. It provides high-resolution scans using a tripod or copy stand. The device works with both DSLR and mirrorless cameras but not smartphones.

Lomography Digitalizer+

Just as with the Digitaliza Max, users can scan 35mm, 120 and 127 negatives plus experiment with overlapping exposures or exposed sprocket holes. And anti-slip pads keep the unit in place.

The Lomography Digitaliza+ comes with 35mm and 120mm film holders and has an SRP of $74.90.