Sigma 100-400mm F5-6.3 DG DN OS C Telephoto for Full-Frame Mirrorless

Sigma 100-400mm F5-6.3 DG DN OS C Telephoto for Full-Frame Mirrorless

Mirrorless Teleconverters & USB Dock Also Unveiled


Ronkonkoma, NY—This week, Sigma Corporation made several announcements. Among them were the launch of the Sigma 100-400mm F5-6.3 DG DN OS Contemporary lens. It is Sigma’s first ultratelephoto lens exclusively for full-frame mirrorless cameras. The new lens will come in Sony E and L mounts.

Sigma also introduced two teleconverters for Sigma mirrorless lenses. The TC-1411 magnifies a lens’s focal length by 1.4x; the TC-2011 magnifies the focal length by 2x.

Other announcements include the release of the Sigma UD-11 USB dock for L-mount and EF-M mirrorless lenses. Finally, the company announced the availability of the 16mm f/1.4, 30mm f/1.4 and 56mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary lenses in the L mount.

Sigma 100-400mm F5-6.3 DG DN OS Contemporary

The 100-400mm f/5–6.3 DG DN OS Contemporary lens is Sigma’s first full-frame mirrorless telephoto zoom lens. For mirrorless camera systems, its new optical formula ensures edge-to-edge sharpness and high-contrast image quality throughout its focal range.

Sigma 100–400mm f/5–6.3 DG DN OS Contemporary

Moreover, the lens construction comprises 16 groups and 22 elements. It uses one FLD (fluorite equivalent) and four SLDs (super low dispersion) elements to effectively correct aberrations as well as distortions.

“With the optics design specifically for a camera with a short flange back distance, the DG DN series of lenses achieves a supreme combination of optical performance and compactness that could not have been possible with lenses for single-lens reflex cameras,” the company announced.

The 100-400mm f/5–6.3 DG DN OS Contemporary is the fifth Sigma lens for full-frame mirrorless camera systems. Furthermore, thanks to its stepping motor system optimized for both phasedetection AF and contrast AF, the lens makes shooting video with eye-tracking AF smooth.

What’s more, Sigma asserts that the level of bokeh and compression effect only achieved by an ultra-telephoto lens provides a fresh perspective to everyday scenes. This combination of ultra-telephoto images with the new lens’s mobility “will open up new ways for you to enjoy ultra-telephoto photography, as well as its possibilities, from everyday snapshots to field photography and everything in between.”

Sigma 100–400mm f/5–6.3 DG DN OS Contemporary

In addition to high-speed, smooth autofocus enabled by its stepping motor optimized to the latest algorithm, the lens integrates image stabilization (OS) of four steps. Moreover, when combined with a camera with built-in image stabilization, the lens also corrects for pitch and yaw axis rotations.

Additional Features

The Sigma 100–400mm f/5–6.3 lens also features an AFL button; users may assign select functions on the camera side. Plus, a focus limiter switch permits optimizing the AF range according to shooting conditions. Sigma-100-400mm-F5-6.3-DG-DN-OS-C-Switch

Further, by connecting the lens to Sigma’s optional USB dock, photographers can adjust the amount of focus movement when operating the focus ring on Sigma Optimization Pro software; this allows users to adjust focus in their preferred timing in MF mode.

The Sigma 100–400mm f/5–6.3 DG DN OS Contemporary also supports straight zoom. As a result, photographers can zoom in and out by adjusting the hood for quick view angle adjustments. It additionally features a “dual action zoom” that supports both straight zoom and ring zoom.

What’s more, to allow for a paring with camera bodies of different sizes, an optional tripod socket is available. The tripod socket comes with a strap that also helps reduce strain on the mount when carrying the lens around or during transportation.

Sigma Teleconverters

When paired with the new Sigma L-mount Teleconverter TC-1411 and/or TC-2011 (sold separately) for mirrorless cameras, the Sigma 100–400mm lens gives photographers a “super telephoto” range. Subsequently, it offers a focal length of up to 800mm while still benefiting from a compact size. It functions as a 140–560mm f/7–9 AF ultra-telephoto lens with the Sigma TC-1411 and as a 200–800mm f/10–12.6 AF ultra-telephoto lens with the Sigma TC-2011.

The Sigma 100–400mm f/5–6.3 DG DN OS Contemporary lens will ship July 10, 2020 for $949.