Adobe Reveals the Next Generation of Creative Cloud

Adobe Reveals the Next Generation of Creative Cloud


Las Vegas, NV—Adobe showcased major updates to its Creative Cloud applications. Upgrades were unveiled for Photoshop CC, Lightroom CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC, Premiere Pro CC as well as Adobe XD. Adobe also introduced Adobe Premiere Rush CC, an all-in-one video-editing app for social media creators. The app simplifies video creation and sharing on platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. adobe-photoshop-cc-yearly-subscription-65270823-cdd

“We unveiled a portfolio of next-generation creative apps that deliver meaningful value to our community by transforming creative workflows across devices and platforms,” said Scott Belsky, chief product officer and executive vice president, Creative Cloud, Adobe.

“By continuing to innovate in our flagship apps, extending into exploding segments such as experience design and social video creation, and pioneering in emerging mediums like touch, voice, 3D and augmented reality, Adobe Creative Cloud has truly become the creativity platform for all.”

Creative Cloud Announcements

One major update to Adobe’s desktop applications is a new content-aware fill workspace in Photoshop CC. Performance and workflow improvements were also unveiled for Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic.

Other upgrades include: the ability to design with photorealistic, freeform gradients in Illustrator CC; a content-aware fit in InDesign CC; the ability to instantly create and animate stylized puppets using a webcam and reference artwork with Character Animator’s new characterizer; an improved rendering engine for previews in Dimension CC; and new Sensei-powered search features. Exclusive content was also added in Adobe Stock, including a new library of clips from GoPro.

Adobe Sensei is a framework and set of intelligent services built into the Adobe Cloud Platform to improve the design and delivery of digital experiences.

In addition, Adobe announced it is addressing the needs of video animators with new workflows and integrations across several apps. They include Animate to After Effects, Animate to Character Animator and Adobe XD to After Effects.

Adobe Premiere Rush CC

Designed specifically for online video creators, Premiere Rush CC integrates capture, editing, simplified color, audio and motion graphics with publishing to social platforms in one app.

Adobe Premiere Rush CC

In addition, content creators do not have to be video, color or audio experts to publish professional-quality videos. Premiere Rush CC uses the functionality of Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC. It also offers built-in access to professionally designed motion graphics templates in Adobe Stock to get started quickly. Moreover, it features a Sensei-powered, one-click auto-duck feature to adjust music and normalize sound.

Rush CC also allows access anywhere to enable users to create video projects—optimized for social distribution—on one device and publish from another with a consistent user experience across desktop and mobile.

Creative Imaging and Drawing Apps Across Devices

Adobe also previewed two future mobile apps designed for multi-surface creation:

•    Photoshop CC on iPad. Redesigned for a touch experience, Photoshop CC on iPad delivers the functionality of its desktop counterpart. Photoshop CC on iPad also lets users open and edit native PSD files using image-editing tools and. In addition, it provides the familiar Photoshop layers panel. Photoshop CC comes to iPad in 2019.

•    Project Gemini. This new app accelerates drawing and painting workflows across devices. Available for iPad in 2019, it combines raster, vector and new dynamic brushes into a single drawing app.

Adobe Sensei Enhancements

The 2019 release of Creative Cloud delivers more than a dozen new Adobe Sensei-powered features and productivity enhancements. Sensei-powered features in the 2019 release include: Adobe-Sensei

•    An expanded content-aware fill workspace in Photoshop CC. It offers greater precision and control to save editors time when working with their images.

•    A new content-aware fit feature in InDesign CC. This feature intelligently detects an image and crops or fits it to an image frame automatically.

•    New freeform gradients in Illustrator CC that enable the creation of natural gradients.

•    A new tool in Character Animator CC. Characterizer transforms any style of portrait into an animated character.

Adobe Project Aero

In addition, Adobe previewed Project Aero. The cross-device AR authoring tool allows creators to design augmented reality experiences. “Project Aero enables optimal delivery of AR experiences, empowering creatives to place digital content in the real world,” the company announced. At Adobe MAX, Adobe showcased an AR-powered retail store of the future, revealing the possibilities of immersive design experiences.

Creative Cloud Overview & Availability

For a feature summary and overview of Creative Cloud innovation and new features click here. Links for specific titles follow.

•    Digital and Creative Imaging: including Photoshop CC, Photoshop CC on iPad, Dimension CC, Project Aero and Project Gemini
•    Photography: including Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic
•    Digital Video and Audio: including Premiere Rush CC, Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, Audition CC and Character Animator
•    Design and Visual Storytelling: including Adobe XDIllustrator CCInDesign CC and Adobe Spark

Updates to Creative Cloud desktop software are now available to all Creative Cloud subscribers. Adobe’s mobile apps are available for download from the iOS App Store and Google Play.

Photoshop CC on iPad, Project Aero and Project Gemini on iPad launch in 2019. Spark Post on Android, previously available as a public beta, is now available as a 1.0 app in the Google Play store.

The new Premiere Rush CC, for Windows and macOS (via the iOS App Store with Google Play store availability in 2019), is offered across a series of plans tailored for customers’ unique needs.

Premiere Rush CC is available for $9.99/month to individuals, $19.99/month to teams and $29.99/month to enterprise customers. Premiere Rush CC is also included as part of All Apps, Student and Premiere Pro CC single app plans. It comes with 100GB of CC storage. Additional storage options, up to 10TB, are also available for purchase.

Premiere Rush CC Starter Plan is available for free. The plan gives customers access to all Premiere Rush CC features, use of desktop and mobile apps and the ability to create an unlimited number of projects as well as export up to three projects for free.