Anthropics Technology Offers PortraitPro 17

Anthropics Technology Offers PortraitPro 17

New Background Editing & Vignetting Tools, Plus Snapshots


London, UK—Anthropics Technology released the updated PortraitPro 17, the latest version of their intuitive portrait retouching software. The program includes new tools such as background editing, Snapshots, advanced preset controls and vignette tools.PortraitPro-17-box-banner

Currently, the software has more than 600,000 photographers, both professional and amateur, using it for their portrait retouching.

PortraitPro 17 offers several advancements that are designed to bring professional retouching within reach of all photographers, regardless of previous experience. From natural skin-smoothing tools to realistic digital makeup and lighting, the software uses proprietary technology to take the hard work out of post processing.

PortraitPro 17 has a new vignette tool.

“Background editing and Snapshots are things we’ve been working toward for a while,” said CEO Andrew Berend. “It’s really exciting to finally see them in the hands of our users.”

PortraitPro 17 Background Editing

For the first time, photographers can use PortraitPro to edit subjects and backgrounds without leaving the program. Moreover, they can choose from four different styles. These include a new image option for inserting their own backgrounds.

PortraitPro 17’s background editing (L-R): original image, flat color, gradient, new image

In addition, they can be more adventurous with editing, because the Snapshots function lets them save their progress. As a result, they can try something different and easily revert back to the original if they want.

PortraitPro 17’s Snapshots let users save progress so they can try something different and evert back if they need to

To meet individual styles, photographers can also create custom presets using their favorite tools, and edit images with just a few clicks. They also can build their own makeup looks or save a favorite skin-smoothing setting to use time and time again.

Furthermore, photographers using PortraitPro Studio Max with automatic batch processing can use custom presets to make batch editing easier. To save hours of manual work, they can create a preset based on a single image and apply this to every image in a batch. And for the first time, using the software they can create classic portraits with the new vignette tool.

Makeup Tools

In addition, there are three new bronzer styles to flatter a subject. They can choose from real makeup looks that sculpt or soften the facial features. Moreover, they can give a subject a genuine glow with the improved tan controls.

PortraitPro 17’s new makeup options: dimension, extreme dimension, flat

The program also offers advanced automatic face-detection technology, an updated interface and faster workflow. PortraitPro 17 retails from $39.95.