Athentech Imaging Perfectly Clear v3.5

Athentech Imaging Perfectly Clear v3.5

Image-Correction Software Has Smarter Automatic Intelligence


Calgary, Canada—Athentech Imaging, the makers of Perfectly Clear and a pioneer in intelligent image correction, introduced the newest addition to its image correction software. Perfectly Clear Complete Version 3.5 is now a stand-alone application that offers graduated filters for landscape and portrait photographers, allowing greater creativity and control.

It also provides smarter automatic intelligence for more robust correctioPerfectly-Clear-v3.5-boxns. And since it is not a plug-in, users can now open RAW and traditional photos directly without the need for another software program.

Perfectly Clear v3.5 is marketed to photographers of all levels who are looking to minimize manual editing steps in their workflow.

Leveraging the success of the v3 product, Perfectly Clear listened to the requests of photographers. As a result, they created a new version with greater capability and speed.

New Perfectly Clear v3.5 Features

The new version incorporates several features based on photographer feedback. They include a filmstrip for easier navigation as well as undo/redo functionality. There are also visual presets and Looks previews available.

Left side of image before apply Perfectly Clear; right side after

Also included are more robust automatic color restoration and automatic tint removal controls. Other features include; manual finishing controls; graduated filters; and stylistic vignette and radial filters.

Perfectly Clear is powered by real intelligence invented by scientists, mathematicians and physicists. They have spent more than 16 years perfecting technology that mimics exactly how the human eye perceives an image. The software processes more than 11 billion photos every year automatically.  Perfectly-Clear-Logo

Perfectly Clear v3.5 has a suggested retail price of $129. It is offered as a free upgrade for current Perfectly Clear v3 users. In addition, a customer appreciation discount is being granted to those with v1 and v2, as well as all Lucid owners, for $89.