Avid Media Composer Video Editor Supports ProRes RAW and DNx

Avid Media Composer Video Editor Supports ProRes RAW and DNx


Burlington, MA—Avid announced that its Avid Media Composer software now offers native support for Apple’s ProRes RAW camera codec as well as playback and encoding on Windows.

In addition, Apple will provide 64-bit decoders for DNxHR and DNxHD codecs within the Pro Video Formats package; it is available from Apple as a free download for all users. These integrations allow content creators and postproduction companies to natively create high-quality ProRes content regardless of their OS.

“This collaboration democratizes content creation by removing the boundaries posed by different operating systems; it opens the door to a greater number of higher-quality delivery formats,” said Rob D’Amico, director, Product Marketing, Avid. “Adding support for ProRes for Windows, native ProRes RAW and DNx codecs is yet another way Media Composer deals with advancements in technology so editors can stay focused on creative storytelling.” Avid Media-Composer-Logo

ProRes is a high-performance editing codec that provides multi-stream, high-quality images as well as low complexity for real-time editing. The codec, which is available to Media Composer users on Windows, supports frame sizes ranging from SD and HD to 2K, 4K and beyond at full resolution with image-quality preservation and reduced storage rates.

Avid Media Composer Supports ProRes RAW

Moreover, Media Composer for macOS and Windows, which was completely redesigned for 2019, adds native support for ProRes RAW. ProRes RAW applies ProRes compression to the raw data from a camera sensor. As a result, it provides the flexibility of RAW video with the performance of ProRes for editing today’s highest-resolution outputs.

Finally, the continued availability of Avid’s DNxHD and DNxHR decoders for macOS is a benefit to content creators using Apple and Avid products. It ensures the longevity of content creators’ DNx material encoded in MXF and QuickTime files.

For more information on the full features of Media Composer 2019, visit avid.com/media-composer.