Calibrate ColorChecker Passport Duo Introduced by the MAC Group

Calibrate ColorChecker Passport Duo Introduced by the MAC Group


Wilmington, DE—The MAC Group announced a brand-new addition to the ColorChecker Passport range—the Calibrite ColorChecker Passport Duo. Driven by market data and insights, the ColorChecker Passport Duo, for both photo and video users, is an all-in-one, hybrid color correction tool. Building on X-Rite’s color science, this is the next stage in Calibrite’s evolution of the original ColorChecker Passport.

With the ever-growing need for professional hybrid products, Calibrite recognized the need for a dual color correction tool for professional photographers and videographers alike.

Calibrite ColorChecker Passport Duo

“Over the years, as photographers have transitioned to shooting both still and video, photographers have asked us for one Passport that provides all the essential tools these hybrid creatives need. Today we introduce one Passport that provides color control for both still photography and video,” said Brenda Hipsher, vice president, Sales and Marketing, Calibrite.

ColorChecker Passport Duo includes four combined targets with the ColorChecker Classic 24patch target for custom camera profiles. It also provides a white balance target for custom in-camera white balance. In addition, it features two video targets for in-camera use for video cameras or in postproduction videoediting software.

Calibrate ColorChecker Passport Duo Features

The ColorChecker Passport Duo is a tool for any user that requires accurate color control. Moreover, it is compact and portable, for the busy lifestyle of hybrid shooters.

ColorChecker Passport Duo Video Color Target

The Munsell Lab developed paint on paper targets for consistent color when working in mixed lighting for capturing still or moving images. These tools assist in matching multiple cameras to help ensure a similar color rendition, even when using cameras with different sensor technology.

Consequently, when used with any Calibrite monitor calibration solution, Calibrite ColorChecker Passport Duo can help avoid costly mistakes and frustrating editing corrections. The product combines the four most-used photo and video targets into one compact, durable case.

ColorChecker Passport Duo Classic

It combines targets with Camera Calibration software, a Lightroom plug-in and compatibility with major videoediting software. As a result, the Passport provides hybrid users with reliable color balance and faster, consistent neutral white point.

For Video

Notably, the Video Color target is specifically for today’s video production workflow. It comprises four rows of color chips designed for video capture and editing. It provides videographers with a target to speed up color grading.

In addition, the three-step Grayscale target provides an enhanced grayscale for achieving ideal camera exposure for incamera and postproduction. Furthermore, this includes white, 40 IRE gray and highgloss black that can act as a black trap when positioned without reflection.

For Photo

In addition, the pocket-size ColorChecker Passport Duo is ready for any photo challenge. Measuring 5×4 inches, users can take it along whether traveling a short distance or around the world. What’s more, its rugged resin case holds and protects the four targets from light and abrasion. Calibrite-ColorChecker-Passport-Duo-purple

The redesigned case also now includes the name on the outside and a usercustomizable panel on which to write a name or other identifying information.

The ColorChecker Passport Duo is the next level in portable color control. It’s a hybrid capture-to-edit solution for any creative looking to save time, providing a consistent, predictable neutral starting point.

The Calibrite ColorChecker Passport Duo has a suggested retail price of $199.99. Calibrite products are distributed by the MAC Group.