CorelDraw Graphics Suite Updates Boost Creativity

CorelDraw Graphics Suite Updates Boost Creativity

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Ottawa, Canada—A fully loaded professional design toolkit, CorelDraw Graphics Suite now delivers vector illustration, layout, photo editing, typography as well as real-time collaboration. New updates also empower designers to achieve their results more quickly and efficiently.

Moreover, the company added the newest productivity-powered features and enhancements to boost creativity and simplify the graphic design workflow. “Thanks to the latest updates, designers can enjoy creating more in less time,” said Klaus Vossen, senior product manager for CorelDraw. “We want to accelerate designers’ success by enabling them to unleash their creative potential and bring their artistic visions to life, whether they’re at the office, home or on the go.”

CorelDraw Graphics Suite Updates

New features for CorelDraw Graphics Suite subscribers and maintenance customers include Focus mode. With it, you can bring a single object or a group of objects into focus. Further, you can edit components of your work in isolation without the risk of losing a selection with a stray click. Additionally, the new breadcrumb floating toolbar simplifies object navigation. It reduces the need for multiple open dockers/inspectors and frees up more space for designing. CorelDraw-2023-1-CorelDraw Graphics Suite

What’s more, a new interactive folder explorer allows you to browse through folders with improved discoverability and easier access to sorting controls. A series of additional enhancements will also accelerate workflows. For instance, you can tackle variable data print jobs with greater ease thanks to an advanced Print Merge workflow. It includes support for QR codes, images as well as .xlsx data in an optimized UI. As a result, it eliminates repetitive steps when printing from the same design and data source by taking advantage of new data persistence in .CDR files.

In addition, it’s now quicker to output objects and pages to more file formats from the Export docker/inspector. Formats now include CDR, WEBP, CGM, PSD and BMP. A redesigned workflow also simplifies exporting the current page, all pages or selected objects.

Furthermore, thanks to optimized paragraph handling, more accurate recognition of formating details and smoother transitions for multi-column layouts, you can achieve a streamlined editing workflow. Consequently, it makes working with imported PDF content more efficient.

Finally, based on direct user feedback, you can now deliver projects faster and more efficiently thanks to refinements to many frequently used features across the suite.

New Purchase Options CorelDraw-Graphics-Suite-2023-Logo

In addition to the popular budget-friendly subscription, you can purchase a perpetual version of CorelDraw Graphics Suite 2023. This one-time purchase option includes several updates that were previously released for subscription customers since 2021. It also has some all-new features and refinements introduced in March 2023 and September 2023.

However, many of the new features and enhancements, apps as well as workflows are available exclusively to subscribers and maintenance customers. They are not available in the one-time purchase version of CorelDraw Graphics Suite 2023.

CorelDraw Graphics Suite is available on Windows, macOS, web and iPad in more than 15 languages. A subscription retails for $269 per year. In addition, CorelDraw Graphics Suite 2023 is available for one-time purchase at the suggested retail price of $549.