Datacolor Spyder5Capture Pro

Datacolor Spyder5Capture Pro

Color Calibration Solution Gets Upgrade


Lawrenceville, NJ—Datacolor released Spyder5Capture Pro—the next generation of its color calibration solutions. It’s marketed to photographers, designers as well as imaging professionals who use external print providers.

Spyder5Capture Pro includes the essential products needed to manage color from image capture to postproduction. Its components are: SpyderLenscal, SpyderCheckR, SpyderCube and Spyder5Elite.

“We know how important color accuracy is for photographers, but we also know it can be time-consuming,” said Heath Barber, manager, Imaging Market, Datacolor. “Spyder5Capture Pro reduces editing time by providing users with a fast and seamless workflow from capture to postproduction by combining our leading color management tools in one convenient and cost-effective package.”

Spyder5Capture Pro Components

Datacolor SpyderLenscal

SpyderLenscal allows users to calibrate DSLR and lens combinations, to produce accurate autofocus. It uses autofocus micro-adjustment technology in the camera’s custom settings. Furthermore, SpyderLenscal is compact and lightweight, with an integrated level and tripod mount.

SpyderCheckR is engineered to deliver scene light color and intensity data that can be used to adjust camera settings. These include in-camera white balance, color temperature and exposure. Its software analyzes the results of the photographer’s test photo and creates a profile that can be applied in the photographer’s workflow with RAW import software. It works with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom and Hasselblad Phocus, for automatic color correction. SpyderCheckR features self-casing construction for easy transport and a tripod mount.

Datacolor SpyderCheckR

SpyderCube provides reference tools to allow control of contrast, white balance and color when editing images. Users can edit using common tools found in color-mandatacolor-spydercubeaged applications. They can take a reference shot with SpyderCube under each unique lighting condition, adjust, save and apply it to the entire photo series.

Spyder5Elite calibrates displays to an industry standard, to ensure on-screen colors of images match photo prints. Furthermore, it is designed for calibration perfectionists with wizard or expert mode, unlimited calibration settings and advanced gray balancing. Additionally, room light monitoring determines the optimal display brightness, to make sure edited images match prints. Users can see a before-and-after evaluation of the calibration results using their own images in full-screen mode.

Datacolor Spyder5Elite

Spyder5Capture Pro Pricing

The upgrade Spyder5Capture Pro offers a bundled product savings of more than 30%. Until September 30, 2016, Datacolor and participating photo retailers can offer Spyder5Capture Pro at an introductory price of $269.99. After that date, it will retail for $369.99.