DxO FilmPack v5.5.13 & DxO ViewPoint v3.1.2

DxO FilmPack v5.5.13 & DxO ViewPoint v3.1.2

Both Photo-Editing Software Support Eight New Cameras


San Francisco, CA—DxO, a pioneer in digital imaging technologies, announced updates to its award-winning photo-editing software, DxO FilmPack and DxO ViewPoint, respectively.
With this update, both programs will now support eight new cameras. The cameras include new digital SLRs, mirrorless compact cameras and even a smartphone.

Now supported are the Sony a9, Apple iPhone 7/7 Plus, Canon EOS 77D, Nikon D7500 and also the Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5.

35,000+ Optics Modules Available

The software has an in-depth knowledge of each camera and lens. As a result, it automatically corrects all optical defects with an unparalleled level of quality, the company announced. In fact, this latest update brings the number of available combinations to more than 35,000.
DxO-ViewPoint-3DxO FilmPack 5 and ViewPoint 3 are both available for download from the company’s online store, located at shop.dxo.com. Furthermore, they are also from photo specialty retailers.

DxO FilmPack 5 and ViewPoint 3 Pricing

The software programs have the following suggested retail prices:
•    FilmPack 5 Essential Edition: $79
•    FilmPack 5 Elite Edition: $129
•    ViewPoint 3: $79

In addition, a fully functional trial version of the software, good for one month, is available on the company’s website: http://www.dxo.com/us/photography/download.