Eye-Fi’s iPhone App

Eye-Fi’s iPhone App


Eye-Fi Inc has announced that they have developed a new iPhone application that will allow Eye-Fi card owners to send photos taken on an iPhone directly to their computer and the Web.

The new application will let users aggregate all of their photos – from both an iPhone and a digital camera – into organized folders on a computer and to one of 25 online photo sharing and social networking Web sites.  iPhone users who own an Eye-Fi card can download the free application from Apple’s App Store upon official release of the app later this week.

"Whether you’re snapping pictures on-the-go with an iPhone or capturing life’s important moments with a digital camera, Eye-Fi will offer one easy way to manage and share all your photos – without docking a gadget or fussing with software,” said Jef Holove, CEO for Eye-Fi.  "We are solving another real-world frustration for anyone who takes photos with both devices.”

Using the Eye-Fi application, users can select which iPhone photos to upload and where to share them.  As with the Eye-Fi Explore card, photos taken on an iPhone can be automatically tagged with information about where the picture was taken. Users can then view geotagged photos on a digital map and organize photos by location.