Fujifilm X Raw Studio Conversion Software

Fujifilm X Raw Studio Conversion Software


Valhalla, NY—Fujifilm North America Corporation launched the Fujifilm X RAW Studio. The conversion software was developed to allow photographers “to quickly and easily convert RAW files while maintaining outstanding image quality,” the company announced.

Due to the size of RAW files, photographers can often find batch conversion extremely time consuming. X RAW Studio utilizes the connected camera’s X-Processor Pro high-speed image-processing engine. This enables quicker and more effective conversion than using a computer’s processor, without compromising on image quality.

Fujifilm’s X RAW Studio uses a camera’s X-Processor Pro image-processing engine to achieve quicker, more effective RAW conversion.

Compatible with both Mac and PC systems, the new X RAW Studio enables batch conversion of a selection of images. In addition, users can store conversion settings or copy settings between images. Variable image-processing conditions can also be adjusted in the same way as in-camera RAW conversion.

Also, since all conversion parameters available through in-camera RAW conversion are adjustable, this enables photographers to monitor results in a preview window when changing settings. The software also displays before and after images side by side for comparison while adjusting settings. Moreover, photographers can save, load or copy conversion profiles onto another RAW image.

Fujifilm X RAW Studio Availability & Pricing

Fujifilm X RAW Studio software for Mac is available now. Furthermore, it is set to launch for Windows in February 2018. The software is available to users at no cost. fujifilmusa.com