Insta360 Studio Desktop Software Update

Insta360 Studio Desktop Software Update


Los Angeles, CA—Insta360 introduced an update to its Insta360 Studio desktop editing software. In addition to a new design and layout, the update also brings some anticipated features. They include the ability to combine multiple 360° files in a single timeline as well as being able to work on multiple edits at the same time. Also new, user can n ow add background music, text and transitions.

“These developments make Insta360 Studio a highly flexible editing tool that meets the demands of modern creators. And makes it capable of producing seriously clean, ready-to-share edits. Whether 360° footage or regular flat images, Insta360 Studio can handle it all,” the company announced.

Further, the free update is available to download from the Insta360 website. Moreover, it is compatible with all Insta360 consumer action cameras, including the Insta360 Ace Pro and Insta360 Ace, X3, ONE X2, RS, GO 3 and GO 2. The update is available for Windows as well as Apple’s macOS. Insta360-Studio-Update-1

Insta360 Studio Desktop Software Update

Key to the update is the ability to merge multiple clips as well as work on multiple edits. If you have shot several clips on your Insta360 camera, you can now combine them into a single edit. Previously, this would have required an additional workflow outside of Insta360 Studio.

You simply start a new project, then add the clips to the timeline that you wish to include. You can trim and adjust the order as desired for a convenient desktop edit. You can also have multiple edits on the go at the same time. Just start a new project, then switch back and forth between projects with a click.

Another new key element is the option to add background music, text plus a library of plug-and-play transitions. Further, you can choose music from a wide selection of songs that are available to use for free. Or you can add your tracks from your own collection by importing the .mp3 file. Insta360-Studio-Update-02

In addition, you now have the ability to add various text animations and effects to your video and fully customize the to fit your edit. As for transitions, you can speed up your edit by applying preloaded transitions. Add all kinds of camera movements, special effects as well as full 360º options like a Tiny Planet or barrel roll for transitions between clips.

Other Additions to Speed Up Editing

What’s more, Insta360 added several other additions to speed up the editing process:

• Right-click to add keyframes. Previously, adding a keyframe required two actions: clicking on the timeline and reframing or adjusting the clip. Now, just right-click and make your adjustments in the same movement/action.
• Synced editing. After importing and editing a file on the new media page, your changes are reflected in any ongoing projects and in the temporary media folder.
• Speed Editor. Customize the speed of clips on your timeline. You can now adjust the speed of multiple clips simultaneously.
• Easy access to regularly used media. Additionally, in the new general media folder, you can add any files (videos, photos or music) that you often need so they’re always on hand.

“Insta360 is continuously working to provide a comprehensive set of editing tools for its community,” the company added. “Creators are now able to choose from a superior desktop editing experience with Insta360 Studio, or opt for the AI-powered mobile editing suite in the Insta360 app. Most importantly, both options are free for anyone to use.”