Plotagraph Pro Photo Animation Software

Plotagraph Pro Photo Animation Software

New software retroactively animates single image files.


Santa Barbara, CA—Plotagraph Pro officially debuted at the PDN PhotoPlus International Conference + Expo in New York. The software launched as “the next big evolution of photography.”

Plotagraph Pro synchronizes myriad algorithms to generate dynamic and realistic animation of a single, static image. For example, subtle rolling clouds, rippling water or hair flowing in the wind can be achieved with a single JPG or PNG file.

The Plotagraph Pro team demonstrated their software at the expo. The team includes CEO and professional photographer Troy Plota; cofounder and CMO Sascha Schieder; and renowned digital artist George Redhawk.

Prior to the launch, the Plotagraph Pro software was applied to advertising campaigns with FleishmanHillard, Wieden+Kennedy, Dodge, Coca-Cola, VitaCoco and Microsoft, as well as social content for Jay Leno.

Plotagraph Pro was designed with an easy-to-use interface that features 4K exports and live track previews.

“Plotagraph Pro is not only the future of photography, it is preserving, repurposing and reviving still imagery for the digital medium,” said CEO and professional photographer Troy Plota. “In an era where dynamic content is king, Plotagraph Pro allows professional and hobby photographers, advertisers and content managers, artists and influencers to create an entirely new dimension of visual interplay.”

The software works with any computer or operating system and functions through remote servers. Once users upload JPG or PNG image files, they can begin applying masks to areas that remain static. They can also apply directional flow treatments to areas that want to convey movement. Animated images can be exported to GIFs, MOVs, MP4s and 4K files. Plotagraph Pro also generates a GIF link for social sharing.

Plotagraph Pro works with a single image and does not require special equipment, additional image or movie files, or supplemented software programs. The animated file is backward compatible and can be exported to print without suffering quality or pixilation, since it starts as a high-res image file.

Plotagraph Pro Team

In addition, George Redhawk is celebrated for his artistic command of static image animation. He is considered a master in the industry. The Plotagraph Pro team engaged Redhawk as a key consultant on the software. He continues to be involved in tutorials and will be instrumental in the development of new features and functions.

“Having George on board allows us to glean from a graphic genius, while commemorating his artistry and legacy,” added Plota.

The software is accessible via a SaaS-based membership starting at three installments of $79. Members can download and apply the software and receive regular tutorials. They can also get industry news and upgrades, as well as access social platforms and stock galleries for looping content.

“For photographers, creative directors and content managers, the ROI is immediate,” said Plotagraph Pro’s cocreator and president, Sascha Scheider. “We are seeing huge gains of 400%–1000% in engagement on social platforms and Plotagraph Pro image pickups by major online outlets. Static image animation opens up a whole new arena in marketing, photography commerce and compelling communications.”