PolarPro Aurora Cinematic Color Presets Drone Software

PolarPro Aurora Cinematic Color Presets Drone Software

Video-Editing Tools Aimed at Enhancing Drone Footage


Costa Mesa, CA—PolarPro, known for its drone accessories designed to help pilots capture the best cinematic footage, launched its first video-editing tools. The new Aurora Cinematic Color Presets programs provide timesaving, one-click presets created to streamline the postproduction workflow. They also allow pilots to color correct footage taken by differing drones for integration into a cinematic edit.

The company’s current presets have been optimized for the specific lens profiles of DJI’s Mavic Pro and Phantom Pro 4 drones. PolarPro is planning to expand on that library soon.
PolarPro-Aurora-BannerDeveloped specifically for shooting in D-log, the Aurora Cinematic Color Presets help users to harness more dynamic range for the best quality playback from their raw footage. The software provides a range of color styles for creating cinematic looks with drone video. The bundle offers a creative range of 12 Look-Up Tables, or LUTs. The LUTs allow users to fit the mood and cinematic qualities of a video project.

With the presets, users can blend footage shot on different drones with a single click. In addition, the Aurora presets are compatible with most popular video-editing programs. These include in Adobe products, Apple’s Final Cut X (LUT Utility or other plug-in required) as well as DaVinci Resolve. Video tutorials are provided with the program.

Aurora Cinematic Color Presets

The program currently includes the following LUTs.

Aurora Cinematic Color Presets Samples

Elektra: With added color value across the spectrum and also boosted vibrancy, Elektra is designed to make colors pop. Presets are available in warm, neutral and cool options.

Purity: This provides a natural color grade with tones from the original scene. Warm, neutral and cool options help to keep a consistent look across varying lighting conditions and colors.

Deep: This LUT takes the natural colors with added saturation along with pushed blacks and shadows to create a deep, rich look without loss in video quality. Warm, neutral and cool options provide creative freedom.

Classic: Offering a complementary color scheme with a subtle shift to pastels, the LUT delivers a “timeless Hollywood look and feel.”

Morpheus: Providing a slightly bleached bypass look with limited color pallet, it pushes the greens.

Knight: An analogous color pallet with heavy blue tones, this LUT brings a deep look to evoke a new feeling to content.

PolarPro’s Aurora Cinematic Color Presets Mavic Pro and Phantom 4 Pro/Adv editions each retail for $29.99.


PolarPro got its start manufacturing lens filters for action cams. It has diversified its offerings in the last couple of years to include the drone photo segment and also smartphone solutions.
Its action-oriented accessories were a hit on ABC’s Shark Tank. CEO Jeff Overall landed a million-dollar investment from the sharks. With headquarters in Costa Mesa, California, PolarPro consists of a team of action sport enthusiasts as well as cinematographers focused on developing products inspired by real experiences that solve real problems. polarpro.com