Simon Says Integrates AI Transcription Tools into DaVinci Resolve Software

Simon Says Integrates AI Transcription Tools into DaVinci Resolve Software


San Francisco, CA—A leading AI-based transcription, captioning and translation platform for video professionals, Simon Says has seamlessly integrated its AI tools with Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve for macOS.

Users can now more easily find meaningful dialog, in any language, and receive a frame-accurate video transcript as ranged markers, color coded by speaker. They can caption timelines and also align translated subtitles once the edit is complete. And they can do so with a few clicks from DaVinci Resolve.

“Today, Simon Says became the first company to support AI transcription in Resolve,” said Shamir Allibhai, founder and CEO of Simon Says. “DaVinci Resolve is one of the most exciting nonlinear editors on the scene today. Blackmagic Design has a growing, passionate user base; in part because of its unique strategy to sell great cameras with tightly coupled software add-ons. Also because it offers a high-end videoediting application for free. These users have asked us to integrate our software with DaVinci Resolve, and we’re so happy to deliver it.”  DaVinci-Resolve-Markets-Simon-Says

Consequently, what was once a lengthy manual process is now completely automated through the use of Simon Says AI-powered transcription platform within DaVinci Resolve. Now, video editors can transcribe rushes, dailies as well as raw footage from DaVinci Resolve.

Moreover, they can receive and attach markers to clips; this accelerates the editing process by enabling editors to quickly make sense of their recordings and identify compelling soundbites. In addition, at the end of an edit, users can instantly subtitle and caption their content. This is a legal requirement for distribution in the U.S. for most TV broadcast channels, as well as OTT streaming channels such as Netflix.

Simon Says for DaVinci Resolve

With Simon Says, editors can transcribe their raw footage in minutes. They select the clips to import and transcribe; add speaker labels; bookmark; and make any edits in the video-transcript editor. They can additionally collaborate with their team to identify key soundbites and export back into Resolve. Subsequently, they receive ranged transcript markers, color coded to delineate speakers, that attach back to the original clips.

In addition to transcribing video, Simon Says can caption video edits and translate subtitles into 100 languages. Filmmakers can use the visual subtitle editor to preview formatting and export subtitles that import back into Resolve. This makes the delivery compliant and increases accessibility to those who are hard of hearing, as well as delivery to international audiences.

To get started, users can download the Simon Says app for macOS and install the Resolve scripts to communicate between Resolve and the Simon Says AI cloud.