Skylum Luminar 4.2: Enhanced Portrait Tools & Sky-Based Compositing

Skylum Luminar 4.2: Enhanced Portrait Tools & Sky-Based Compositing


Bellevue, WA—Skylum revealed the latest update to its flagship software, Skylum Luminar 4.2. This free update contains several enhancements to the existing feature set. They include shine removal for portraits. Also included is a brand-new feature, AI augmented sky, which helps photographers create digital art.

Skylum Luminar 4.2 Face Features Detection

The upgrade integrates Face Features Detection Neural Network technology. The tool can detect faces in all sorts of positions. In addition, it accounts for things like head tilts, unusual angles, badly lit or partially hidden faces and faces with heavy makeup. It also detects people of any hue of skin or age and spots all the faces in a group photo. Moreover, the new technology enables Luminar 4.2 to provide even better automation when it comes to enhancing portraits. Skylum-Luminar-4.2In addition, as a part of the AI skin enhancement tool, shine removal provides the ability to reduce excessive shine on a person’s forehead or cheeks. It also restores the skin on the patches of the face where it was hit by excessive light; it automatically generates realistic-looking skin that blends in with the rest of the face.

What’s more, inside the AI portrait enhancer is improved Slim Face 2.0 technology. With Slim Face 2.0, users can make the whole face proportionally smaller and naturally slim, letting photographers obtain more realistic and pleasing results

AI Augmented Sky

Also pivotal to the new release is the AI augmented sky tool. It allows photographers to transform their images, enabling them to place different objects directly on the sky. They can choose objects from the Luminar database or use their own, and the object seamlessly fits into the photograph.Skylum-Luminar-4.2-AI-sky

AI augmented sky detects a photo’s sky automatically and adds the chosen element to the sky area. Moreover, foreground objects are taken into account automatically; this enables the object to blend naturally with the sky. For additional control, users can drag and resize the object within the sky area.

Additional Improvements in Skylum Luminar 4.2

Luminar 4.2 also includes several enhancements to the program. The AI sky replacement tool now uses improved Relight Scene technology. This permits users to retain colors as they originally captured them in-camera. Improvements were also made to increase the efficiency and speed of interaction with the machine’s processor.

The new version of the software is a free update for current Luminar 4 users. Mac users can update by clicking in the top menu bar and choosing Luminar 4 > Check for updates. If you purchased via the Mac App Store, simply open the App Store and click the Updates tab.

Furthermore, for a limited time, the company is offering a 40% savings on its Luminar 4 Bundle, which includes training, extra skies and looks. Normally retailing for $138, it is now available for $79.