Vimeo Unveils New Interactive Video Capabilities

Vimeo Unveils New Interactive Video Capabilities


New York, NY—Vimeo debuted enhanced interactive video capabilities for its software. The launch marks the successful integration of the WireWax feature set after its acquisition by Vimeo last November. Vimeo is a leading all-in-one video software solution.

“We believe that most business videos will include some form of interactivity in the future; because it’s a proven, more effective way to engage audiences of all kinds,” said Mark Kornfilt, president and chief product officer, Vimeo.

“One of Vimeo’s greatest abilities is to take the complex and make it simple. We’ve brought the sophisticated capabilities of WireWax to our industry-leading platform so that anyone can easily create dynamic videos that drive results. This is a huge step forward in unleashing the full potential of video for every business.”

Today, communication professionals, marketers and HR teams are seeking more cost-effective and efficient ways to meaningfully engage with customers, employees and communities. Vimeo’s new  interactive video editor is fully integrated with the platform’s suite of workplace tools. Consequently, anyone can produce rich video experiences, natively publish them across websites and social channels, as well as measure results—all from a single hub.

Vimeo New Interactive Video Capabilities

The new interactive capabilities now available on Vimeo include an intuitive, code-free video editor. As a result, users can create dynamic, interactive videos using a drag-and-drop interface that guides them through the process, from start to finish. Vimeo_Logo-blue

In addition, they include AI-powered, clickable hotspots. This enhancement leverages computer vision technology to pin clickable elements to specific objects on the screen, so viewers can engage directly within the video to learn more.

There are also fully customizable overlays. Users can add layers of content and information on videos to drive viewer interest and engagement. This may include additional videos, photos, buttons as well as information.

Furthermore, video branching now gives consumers the ability to select multiple paths within a single video; thus creating navigable content and unique experiences.

What’s more, Vimeo added shoppable video functionality. Users can build new shopping experiences by adding clickable elements to individual products within a video. They can overlay additional product information as well as “add to cart” buttons. Subsequently, users are able to shop directly within a video.

Finally, there are now new comprehensive reporting and analytics. Users can track key metrics like sales; audience engagement; as well as message retention. They can then optimize content for maximum impact and ROI.

Additionally, an example of an interactive video is available on Vimeo.