Zoner Photo Studio X Gets Update

Zoner Photo Studio X Gets Update

Auto-Enhancement and Intuitive Filter Brush Added

The new filter brush in ZPS X lets users adjust only the parts of a photo that need it.

Tampa, FL—Photo software Zoner Photo Studio X (ZPS X) received its second major update in six months. ZPS X now includes a filter brush for localized nondestructive edits and vastly improved automatic edit capabilities. It also offers an easier way to make complex selections.

Fans of previous Zoner Photo Studio releases also will appreciate the lower prices. And tutorial lovers can take advantage of new tutorials aZoner-Photo-Studio-X-box-4-2017ll in one place on

With this update, Zoner Photo Studio seeks to bolster its position as a well-rounded photo editing/sharing/archiving tool.

“What pleases me most is the wealth of new features that the development team has managed to add in the mere six months since the release of ZPS X. This much progress would be impressive even in twice the time. And we’re far from done,” said Jan Kupcik, Zoner’s product manager.


Develop Module Adds Filter Brush

Develop’s existing gradient filter and radial filter are now joined by a filter brush. This allows users to “paint” exposure adjustments onto a photo, giving them creative freedom even when developing RAW files.

According to Kupcik, working with filters overall in the develop module is now smoother than ever. Also, masks for individual edits in develop can now be named, temporarily hidden and duplicated. In addition, a mask’s coverage can be shown to give a better idea of what it’s doing.

“Every photographer will be swept away by these new features. Now they can handle their normal editing workflow in the develop module and save the editor for just the most demanding edits,” noted Kupcik.

Refined Selections in the Editor

Replacing the background behind a subject with fuzzy fur or frizzy hair can now be done in seconds with this update. The new selection tools in the editor module include a refine selection feature. This tool is designed for ease of use with three sliders for selections. Users of the editor will also appreciate a change in quick edits, where previewing of settings is now immediate.

Smarter Automatic Enhancements

With this upgrade, by clicking the auto button now located in the toolbar, users can make both color adjustments and multiple exposure adjustments. These changes can then be fine-tuned by hand.

Furthermore, for photographers on the go, the spring update brings the opportunity to work with track logs so they can see photographs of their trip as it unfolds in the map view. They can also track their route with their phone as they go and import the track log into Zoner Photo Studio X. The program will combine all the photos, logging them together for preview in the manager’s map view. This auto-synchronization is based on when each photo was taken. If needed, photos can be slid back and forth by hand along the route shown on the map.

Smarter Manager

Auto-completion for photo titles, descriptions as well as locations speeds up work for anyone who wants to have their photo collection organized. Batch edits to labels, ratings and GPS data are also now done in the background while users work. The program’s sharing options further include the ability to share photos to a Facebook page, or in a message on Messenger.

Besides the new features in the program itself, users will see improvements to their photo product orders. Due to a new supplier, they’re said to be higher in quality and less expensive. For example, a high-quality 30×40-inch canvas print now costs $27, including shipping and handling. Updates

Zoner Online Photo Gallery

In addition, in a few weeks, the learning center will receive a massive update. The revision is designed to offer readers better navigation, constantly updated tutorials and a greater focus on videos as well as infographics. The photography tips and photo-editing guides will also focus more on reader demand. ZPS X subscribers will additionally have access to VIP content.

Zoner Photo Studio X will see another features update in a few months. Among other things, the development team is watching the latest developments in HDR displays and how to use them in photography. “The strongest development barrier here lies in the fact the update to Windows 10 that will offer critically needed HDR display support has not been released yet,” explained Kupcik. For more details on the spring update, see

Zoner Photo Studio X Availability & Pricing

The full Zoner Photo Studio X can be downloaded from for 30 days for free. Users who haven’t purchased ZPS X and who have exhausted their trial period will get a fresh 10-day trial period for free, so they can check out the updates.

Zoner Photo Studio X is available as an annual subscription license at a price of $95.88. Subscribers have the right to program updates released several times a year and are also first in line for free technical support.