Zoner Photo Studio X Software Adds Retouching Features

Zoner Photo Studio X Software Adds Retouching Features

Update Fully Supports HEIF Files

Zoner Photo Studio X

Las Vegas, NV—Zoner Photo Studio X photo editor and manager software was added several unique features in a recent update. “Zoner Photo Studio X has become the first Windows photo editor to support the opening and saving of HEIF files,” the company announced.

In addition, new smoothing brush and structure cloning features in its develop module were incorporated to make it easier to retouch portraits quickly, while retaining a natural look.

Moreover, a polarization feature helps users get more detailed clouds, and the increased freedom for photo books enables them more creativity.

Zoner Photo Studio X: Retouching in Develop

The options for local edits in the develop module were upgraded significantly in the last year. The two latest features are the smoothing brush and structure cloning. “Both of these features use the pro-class frequency separation technique that you may know from Photoshop. But unlike the competition, they’re nondestructive Zoner-Photo-Studio-Boxand, above all, they turn an otherwise tough and complicated job into one that’s so simple it’s almost unfair,” explained Jan Kupcik, Zoner product manager.

The smoothing brush is a starting point for portrait retouching. It is used for evening out color tones as well as softening gradients while retaining structure. Structure cloning is the opposite, repairing problems in skin structure without changing its color. As a result, it is useful for detail work such as removing a lone hair that has fallen in front of a face. Structure cloning is available as a mode for the retouching brush.

Experimental Support for HEIF Format

Furthermore, one long-awaited feature, especially among technology fans, is support for the HEIF format. Zoner Photo Studio X is said to be the first software to offer a solution for reading and writing this format on Windows. This support is currently experimental and thus must be turned on in the program under Options > Advanced.

“With Zoner being first to support HEIF, this makes us one of the few options for users to work with their photos from the latest iPhones on Windows. But for us, it means much more. We’ve been waiting a long time for this successor to the antiquated JPG, not only because, as noted above, this format saves space while retaining quality, but also thanks to other modern abilities such as saving multiple pictures via the difference method, combining photos and video, utilizing depth maps and making editing less demanding. The new HEIF format will enable truly great things in the future,” added Kupcik.

No Polarizing Filter Needed

Moreover, with the polarization slider—part of the color-editing tools in develop and the editor—users can save photos with washed-out skies. It works as a replacement for a polarizing filter. Polarization draws out details, gives skies a deep blue and also makes clouds look crisper.

More Freedom for Photo Books

In addition the software’s create module now gives users more freedom. Photo books offer several new templates, and they can freely edit their pages. They can move photos, add more pictures and text, and remove decorations. A recent minor update has also enriched the create module with the ability to create calendars in landscape orientation.

Other Update Features

The winter update also brings a number of improvements to the editor, both large and small. Users can now set the source layer for the retouching brush and for cloning as well. This enables retouching in a new layer, ensuring that they don’t reuse a spot that’s already been retouched.
zoner-photo-studio-logoThey also can horizontally or vertically flip layers. Masks are smarter as well: besides new interactions with the selection (e.g., intersecting), they can be merged directly with the picture. When the user needs a selection with a specific size or ratio of sides, it’s enough to just enter that size or ratio in the side panel.

The last new editor feature is several new line types (dotted+dashed and more) available in place line or place shape.

In addition, the update allows faster preview loading. Continually improving speed for Zoner Photo Studio is a priority for the developers. As a result, it now fully supports work with the online Microsoft OneDrive files introduced in the Windows 10 Fall Creators update.

Zoner Photo Studio X Pricing

Zoner Photo Studio X can be purchased as a one-year subscription license for $49. During their subscriptions, users have the right to ongoing program updates. They also have access to exclusive guides and other materials, along with free priority technical support.

The full version of the program is available for download at It includes a free 30-day trial. Users for whom the ZPS X trial has expired and who have not yet purchased can try the new update free for 10 days.

Zoner, Inc., develops and markets Zoner Photo Studio and also operates, an unlimited, free online photo gallery service.