Zoner Photo Studio X Updated

Zoner Photo Studio X Updated

Photo Editing and Organizing Software Adds Layers Support, Advanced Image Search and In-Program Photo Product Ordering

ZPS X now allows users to create and order photo products from within the program.

San Francisco, CA—The latest version of Zoner Photo Studio (ZPS X) now brings photographers a photo-editing and management tool enhanced with layers support for more photo-editing possibilities.

Version X izoner-photo-studio-logoncorporates nondestructive gradient filters, new sorting options and tools designed to make working with your photos easier. The added create module lets users turn photos into printed products. They can then order the products from inside the program.

Layers simplify work with complex photo edits, text and collages. They let users experiment with their pictures much more than before. In connection with layers, Zoner Photo Studio X introduces its own format, *.ZPS, where users can safely save photos with layers and come back to them later.

“The addition of layers in the editor is the crowning touch to the major redesign we began several years back. We’re also pleased to note that these changes have opened up new possibilities for future development,” said Jan Kupcik, product manager for Zoner.

zoner-ps-x-boxIn addition, with the new create module, users can turn photos into photo books, calendars or canvas prints, and order the production and delivery straight to their home from inside the program. Photo product pricing is available at

The create module also provides tools for creating collages and setting up print jobs for home printing. It’s also where users will find a popular feature added last year: video presentations (including time-lapse videos) from their own photos.

Enhanced Develop Module

The develop module, home to the program’s nondestructive editing tools, was enhanced as well. The module also now supports exposure editing with the dehaze slider, which suppresses haziness caused by fog or smoke. And there’s a new gradient filter for targeted nondestructive exposure editing. Users can also apply a variety of filters nondestructively to photos to adjust colors, exposure and saturation. And the develop module’s new advanced perspective tool can be used to straighten perspective problems nondestructively in, e.g., architectural photos—or to straighten out a tilted beach.

Browsing by Location with Zoner Photo Studio X

In addition, to sorting and organizing photos using the program’s catalog, users will more easily find photos no matter what folders they’re in. They can browse them by when they were taken, by keywords and now by shot locations. ZPS can automatically sort pictures by location data into countries, states or provinces, and by towns or cities.

Also new is stacking—a way to visually merge pictures with similar contents. Like the source shots for a panorama or HDR, so they don’t get in your way. The software also integrates cloud storage, so users can access photos on Google Disk, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox and Facebook.

All of the new ZPS X features come in the form of a prepaid yearly subscription license for a fee of $95.88. An extension for the family license is available for $53.88, making it $4.49 per month. Owners of previous versions are eligible for discounted subscription prices.