SoloCam Selfie Stick with HD Microphone Launches on Indiegogo

SoloCam Selfie Stick with HD Microphone Launches on Indiegogo


Tel Aviv, Israel—A new Indiegogo campaign launched in late June introducing the SoloCam, a photographic tool that takes the concept of the popular selfie stick a bit further by including an high-definition microphone. The goal is to raise $40,000 to bring the unique photo accessory to market.

“Many of my acquaintances already know how much I love making videos of myself, and after years of television experience I realized that regular selfie sticks would never match with the quality of real TV videos,” said Benny Goldstein, creator of the SoloCam. “The problem mainly lies in the audio quality. After a lot of hard work, I believe I’ve come up with the closest thing to a true video-making experience—the SoloCam selfie stick microphone.

The Bluetooth-enabled SoloCam strives to upgrade the features of the selfie stick by allowing everyday users to make quality videos utilizing their smartphones or even GoPro cameras. The SoloCam selfie stick combines a high-definition microphone, joystick control of the stick’s functions, and a designated app featuring a teleprompter, karaoke and special effects, as well as additional features that will be revealed only on the day of launch.

The evolved selfie stick, which weighs a little more than 9 ounces, is connected to a HD microphone that doubles as the stick’s handle. So when captured video is viewed, the SoloCam appears as only a microphone.

The SoloCam is priced on Indiegogo at $49. An early bird special price is being offered at 30% off. Manufacturing is set for September 2015.