Sony Enhances Line of Circular Polarizing Filters

Sony Enhances Line of Circular Polarizing Filters


San Diego, CA—When Sony introduced its premium FE 135mm f/1.8 G Master lens for full-frame E-mount cameras, the company also announced a new lineup of circular polarizing filters.

The filters include models for lens diameters of 49mm, 55mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm and 82mm. Moreover, the new PL filters preserve image quality and resolution about twice as effectively as Sony’s existing circular PL filter line.

Sony-Circular-Polarizing-Filters PL-77mm
Sony PL 77mm

Made of high-quality optical glass, the filters also feature a Zeiss T* coating to minimize flare and a slim filter design to prevent image vignetting and maximize overall performance.

Circular Polarizing Filter Features

Circular polarizing filters suppress glare and reflection for optimum image quality. They are effective when shooting through windows or shooting landscapes that include water or blue sky. In addition, circular polarizing filters enhance color reproduction and image contrast.

Sony’s circular polarizer (PL) filters are now available with at the following retail prices: 49mm (model VF49CPAM2), $100; 55mm (model VF55CPAM2), $110; 62mm (model VF62CPAM2), $140; 67mm (model VF67CPAM2), $155; 72mm (model VF72CPAM2), $165; 77mm (model VF77CPAM2), $180; and 82mm (model VF82CPAM2), $230.