Kite Optics APC Stabilized Binoculars Now Available in U.S.

Kite Optics APC Stabilized Binoculars Now Available in U.S.

Kite Optics APC Pro Marine Binoculars

Hampstead, MD—OmegaBrandess announced the U.S. distribution of Kite Optics APC stabilized binoculars from the Belgian sport optics manufacturer.

Kite Optics, a Belgian family run company, has worked on the development of high-precision optical instruments for nature observation since 1992. The company strives for “excellent optical performance and mechanical quality in their binoculars and scopes,” announced OmegaBrandess. “Their passion is to combine these characteristics with one of the best after-sales services in the world.

“Innovation in binoculars has basically stood still for 25 years. Kite Optics has known for several decades that there is indeed a future in stabilized observing, and that it may be the only path that can truly revolutionize the world of observation optics,” added OmegaBrandess. “Their mission was clear 10 years ago: to build stabilized binoculars that, unlike existing systems, are used as comfortably and carefree as conventional binoculars.”

Kite Optics APC 12×42

Many image stabilized (IS) binoculars rely on large central positioned prisms for their stabilization; or they stabilize by lens shift like camera lenses. This design is responsible for the large size and weight of many models. In addition, stabilizing heavy optics requires an enormous amount of energy from the internal motors; this results in reduced battery performance.

Another result is the sluggish movement of the optics. Therefore, in many IS binoculars, the maximum correction angle is limited so users get an accurate and stable image. However, the units can only correct for small vibrations, not for large movements like wind gusts.

Kite Optics APC Stabilized Binoculars

Kite Optics uses small, compact Schmidt Pechan roof prisms. They enable large correction angles with accuracy. Moreover, the physical challenges to achieve this were made possible thanks to a new patented software combined with the latest technology in gyro sensors and accelerometers.

Furthermore, the Schmidt Pechan roof prisms also reduce the size and weight of the Kite APC to less than half of other image stabilizers.

Kite Optics APC 12×42

The optical system of the Kite APC is not simply stabilized passively by a gyroscope. The binoculars are an active system. Numerous sensors controlled by software detect the position of the optical elements as well as the chassis and the internal optical path. This creates a harmony between the components for efficiency of stabilization.

Moreover, the binoculars’ technology enables them to correct image stability by up to 3°, or 5.3 meters at a distance of 100 meters; in other words, 6x more. Kite claims this allows “perfectly stable images not only from a trembling hand but even from a driving car or a boat in strong sea.”

In addition, the company extended the previously standard battery performance by 30 to 60 times. The Kite APC also employs automatic angle detection, saving battery life during use. Further, the unit automatically turns on when users need it and turns off when they stop observing. What’s more, the company estimates that heavy users will only need to replace the two AA batteries a few times a year.

Like other Kite products, the company treats the glass on the stabilized binoculars with Kite MHR Advance coatings. The field of view is also characterized by natural color reproduction and sharpness.

The Kite APC line comprises 10×30, 12×30, 12×42 and 16×42 models that come in black. They retail from $1,014 to $1,163.

Kite Optics PM Line

Furthermore, the Kite Optics APC Pro Marine line is a solution for marine, industrial, defense, law enforcement and security. The PM models are tailored to the specific use in these sectors. Thus, they feature modifications and accessories that allow them to operate in extreme conditions.

The Pro Marine line includes 12×42 ($1,244) and 16×42 ($1,304) binoculars. They are offered in black, blue and green versions. Promark-Omegabrandess-logos

OmegaBrandess, a PromarkBrands company, distributes Kite Optics’ products. It has manufactured and distributed photographic and imaging products for more than 75 years. OmegaBrandess Distribution and its parent company supply the photography industry with tens of thousands of products.