Leica Geovid R Laser Binoculars

Leica Geovid R Laser Binoculars


Allendale, NJ—With the new generation of Leica Geovid R binoculars, the German company reimagined and optimized its technology. Leica engineers creating a binocular for all applications, offering optical performance with a fully integrated laser rangefinder. The binoculars ship late September 2022.

Nature enthusiasts and hunters can use any of the four Geovid R models and benefit from easy operation and streamlined functionality. Moreover, they feature a modern, ergonomic design combined with precise mechanics, as well as water- and dirt-repellent lenses.

“The Leica Geovid R was redesigned on a completely reworked platform. A perfected mechanical concept combines Leica premium optics and the latest Leica laser measurement technology. The main focus is on high optical performance, extremely precise and fast rangefinding, and simplified handling,” Leica announced.

Leica Geovid R Laser Binoculars Leica-Geovid_R_8x42_left
Leica Geovid R 8X42

The new binoculars have an articulated bridge as well as central focusing like a normal glass. Furthermore, the binocular line is priced comparable to binoculars without rangefinders. The entry-level Leica Geovid R models also meet the requirements of professionals.

Despite the integrated laser rangefinder, the Geovid R delivers image quality nearly identical to non-rangefinder binoculars. In addition, edge-to-edge sharpness lets users observe small details while color fidelity makes fine nuances visible.

Leica Geovid R Binocular Key Features

Working to suppress stray light from coming in, special apertures in the beam path improve image quality. A multilayer coating also protects the optics.

In addition, the laser binoculars offer intuitive operation. Users can take them out of the packaging and use them without lengthy preparation or prior knowledge. They only need to insert the supplied battery.

What’s more, a large, easy-grip center dial lets users focus quickly. They can even operate it with gloves. A large articulated bridge also makes setting the interpupillary distance easier.

Ease of use also means placing the control buttons in accessible positions; rangefinding is controlled with two buttons. The binoculars also display the direct distance to the target point at the push of a button.

Leica Geovid R Laser BinocularS-Leica-Geovid-R-10×42-right
Leica Geovid R 10×42

For steep shots, users can switch to EHR mode. Subsequently, the Geovid R displays the distance equivalent to a straight shot—the “equivalent horizontal range.” This lets viewers use the trajectory data for straight shots. Moreover, they can switch to meters and yards.

The binoculars emit a laser beam and measure how long it takes for it to reflect off the target object and return. From this brief interval, Leica electronics calculate the target distance. For this reason, viewers can use the Geovid R for short distances as well as very long shots up to 1,800 meters.

Furthermore, to ensure only the desired target object is measured—not other small objects that cross the laser’s path—the Geovid R employs intelligent secondary-target logic. For example, at close range, grasses and branches are filtered out.

LEICA Geovid R laser binoculars Leica-Geovid_R-8x56_right
Leica Geovid R 8×56

The binoculars feature a solid aluminum housing enclosed in rubber armoring to protect the mechanics and electronic components from shocks and the elements.

Four Geovid R Models
Leica Geovid R 8×42

This daylight specialist has a wide field of view and a steady image. It is an option for stalking wildlife, where a generous view is needed to find the game. Very little image wobble also allows for comfortable extended viewing and accurate identification of game. The 8x magnification is sufficient for mid-range distances. In addition, use in early dusk is possible. The 8×42 has a suggested retail price of $1,735.

Leica Geovid R 10×42

This daylight glass is for the advanced observer who needs higher magnification. Its 10x magnification makes it easier to accurately observe specific areas at slightly greater distances. Whenever minute detail is important and the user is fairly experienced, this is the choice. SRP: $1,735.

Leica Geovid R 15×56
Leica Geovid R 8×56

These lightweight binoculars with 7mm exit pupils are an option for use into deep dusk. Extended observation is possible without fatigue. Moreover, bright and clear images make this a true night glass; one that viewers can operate easily even in winter while wearing thick gloves. As with all Leica Geovid R models, the display brightness is automatically regulated in the dark. SRP: $1,989.

Leica Geovid R 15×56

With 15x magnification, this model enables users to clearly see details at very long distances. Consequently, finding wildlife in vast landscapes is easier for the experienced observer. Leica recommends a stalking stick or other support for a steadier image. SRP: $2,295.