Nikon CoolShot ProII Stabilized & CoolShot 50i Laser Rangefinders

Nikon CoolShot ProII Stabilized & CoolShot 50i Laser Rangefinders


Melville, NY—The just-announced Nikon CoolShot ProII Stabilized and the Coolshot 50i laser rangefinders are for golfers who want precise distance measurements.

The CoolShot 50i is an all-new design that establishes a versatile yet feature-rich device at an attractive price. Additionally, the CoolShot ProII Stabilized is the next iteration of Nikon’s premium stabilized rangefinders.

What’s more, the new models provide accurate distance, slope and height measurements for all types of golfers; from the casual weekender to the competitive tournament player.

Nikon CoolShot ProII Stabilized

Furthermore, the laser rangefinders feature versions of Nikon’s new Dual Locked On technology. This enhanced function confirms that the distance to the flagstick was measured. When measuring overlapping subjects such as the flag, the distance to the closest subject is displayed with a visible signal in the viewfinder. It also issues a simultaneous additional confirmation.

Dual Locked On Echo technology in the CoolShot ProII Stabilized provides a visual confirmation plus an audible chirp. Conversely, Dual Locked On Quake technology in the CoolShot 50i offers a visual confirmation along with a gentle vibration. Both functions confirm the distance to the flagstick was measured, even when obstacles are in the background.

Nikon CoolShot 50i

Nikon’s newest rangefinder delivers the most user-requested high-end features and Nikon optics—at an affordable price. Its Dual Locked On Quake technology provides a silent yet tactile confirmation of target acquisition. An integrated built-in mounting magnet also safely, securely connects the CoolShot 50i to metal surfaces.

In addition, the CoolShot 50i employs two measurement display modes: golf mode (slope adjusted distance) and actual distance (horizontal distance ± height). Golf mode shows a guide as to how far the golfer should hit the ball when taking uphill or downhill shots.

Nikon CoolShot 50i

When using actual distance mode, the green LED of the external actual distance indicator (ADI) blinks to inform observers of use to confirm tournament compliance. As a result, users can play casual golf, practice with golf mode or use the actual distance mode for official golf competitions.

Furthermore, the device’s display is wide and bright; multilayer coated optics provide 6x magnification and a long eye relief. This is a benefit when wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses. Also, a built-in diopter adjustment allows fine-tuning. In addition, an adjustable red OLED display enables easier viewing, even in bright sunlight.

Nikon CoolShot 50i

The CoolShot 50i is also sealed against the elements, with IPX4-equivalent protection from rain. The laser rangefinder ships this month with a suggested retail price of $299.95.

CoolShot ProII Stabilized

This is Nikon’s top-of-the-line laser rangefinder. It boasts the next generation of Nikon’s stabilization feature to reduce the effects of hand shake by approximately 80%. “Regardless of wind, distance or other factors that make it difficult to visually lock onto the pin, this new rangefinder provides smooth and stress-free measurements time and time again,” Nikon announced.

What’s more, to keep the game moving, Hyper Read technology achieves a rapid measurement response in 0.3 second. As mentioned, the ProII Stabilized also uses Dual Locked On Echo technology to give both audible and visual flagstick confirmation. Users can toggle this feature on and off.

Nikon CoolShot ProII Stabilized

The ProII Stabilized has a bright field of view as well as a luminous, easily visible red OLED display. And an integrated automatic brightness adjustment function fine-tunes the display brightness according to the ambient light.

The device also employs four measurement display modes. Actual distance mode permits golfers to use the ProII Stabilized at official golf competitions. Golf mode displays a slope adjusted distance to advise users how far they should hit the ball (when shooting uphill or downhill).

Other modes are an actual distance and height mode, plus a horizontal distance and height mode. When using actual distance mode, the green LED of the external ADI blinks to inform observers of use to confirm tournament compliance.

The premium rangefinder also features a high-quality 6x monocular with multilayer coatings for bright images. In addition, it affords a long 18mm eye relief that allows easy viewing for eyeglass or sunglass wearers. Additional features include a wide field of view (7.5º); a diopter adjustment function; and waterproof/fogproof IPX4 construction.

The Nikon CoolShot ProII Stabilized will also reach retail in April. It will have an SRP of $449.95.