Olympus 8×42 Pro & 10×42 Pro Waterproof Binoculars

Olympus 8×42 Pro & 10×42 Pro Waterproof Binoculars

New Tools for Birding, Wildlife and Nature Observation


Las Vegas, NV—The Olympus 8×42 Pro and 10×42 Pro waterproof binoculars are new tools for birding and nature observation as well as for use at sporting events. Both models incorporate the classic style of Olympus binoculars and comfortable ergonomics.

The Pro binocular line uses the same advanced ZERO (Zuiko Extra-Low Reflection Optical) antireflection coating included in Olympus M.Zuiko Premium and Pro lenses. The coating reduces glare and reflections, increases light transmission and contrast, and provides more vivid color details. It also is abrasion resistant.

8×42 Pro and 10×42 Pro

The 8×42 Pro and 10×42 Pro binoculars also boast a close minimum focusing distance of 5 feet. Moreover, the compact models offer waterproof and fog-resistant construction.

Both binoculars also feature extended eye relief that makes using them comfortable even when wearing glasses. Moreover, a diopter adjustment ring ±2D adjusts left and right for visibility differences. They also have flip-down tethered lens caps to prevent loss, and a new neck strap mount accommodates separately available interchangeable-lens camera straps.

Olympus 8×42 Pro

“Olympus OM-D cameras and M.Zuiko Pro lenses work as a system to produce world-class images. These Olympus Pro binoculars are a complement to this advanced system, allowing users to search for their subject prior to capturing the shot,” the company announced. To allow for easier tracking of subjects like birds or wildlife, a wide angle of up to 7.5º provides users a greater viewing range.

Additional Specs for Olympus 8×42 Pro & 10×42 Pro

With waterproof, antifogging construction and oil-repellent lens coating, Olympus Pro binocular users can observe nature in the harshest of conditions. In addition, their waterproof design keeps water out when submerged at a depth of three feet for up to five minutes. Moreover, the binocular body is filled with nitrogen gas. This prevents the binoculars from fogging, even when they are used during drastic temperature changes.

Olympus 10×42 Pro kit

The lenses and eyepieces also feature an oil-repellent coating. The coating makes it easier to wipe off water droplets or dirt from the lens surfaces. Furthermore, a shock-absorbent armored finish protects the binoculars against damage, while providing a firm grip.

The Olympus 8×42 Pro and 10×42 Pro binoculars will be available late October 2018. They will have suggested retail prices of $469.99 and $579.99, respectively. Both models come with a padded case, front lens and eyepiece caps as well as a contoured padded strap.