Steadicam Air Monopod Released by Tiffen

Steadicam Air Monopod Released by Tiffen


Hauppauge, NY—Steadicam, a division of the Tiffen Company, and Master Cinematographers partnered to release the Steadicam Air. The new monopod is gas-lift activated by a foot pedal for adjustable height. Moreover, the camera-stabilizing device is marketed as a tool for nature, wildlife, sports, wedding and venue photographers as well as cinematographers.

Steadicam Air

Master Cinematographers (MC4) is a group of four filmmakers dedicated to creating technological innovations for cinematography as well as photography. MC4 is comprised of Jarred Land, president of RED Digital Cinema; Francis Kenny, ASC; Richard Crudo, ASC; and Sallyanne Massimini, DGA.

“Setting a new standard, the Steadicam Air brings versatility back to the monopod,” the companies announced. “The Air is the perfect complement for professional image-makers to stabilize and support their equipment.”

Steadicam Air Key Features

With its gas-lift spring, the Air monopod makes it easier for professional photographers as well as cinematographers to raise its height. The monopod is available in two different configurations. It is currently offered with a 25-pound weight capacity as well as a unit that supports a 15-pound weight capacity.

A rubberized foot pedal allows for nonslip operation.

In addition to being gas lifted, the Steadicam Air monopod is also spring activated. Furthermore, made of carbon fiber, the device features a lightweight and compact design. It weighs in at 3.5 pounds and comprises three sections. As a result, the device is portable enough for travel.

The Air also features a one-twist leg lock that permits a 360º rotation. In addition, for nonslip operation, the height adjustment is activated by a rubberized foot pedal.

The monopod comes bundled with a deluxe carrying bag for added protection, as well as an ergonomic shoulder strap. The Steadicam Air-25 is currently available for $499. The Steadicam Air-15 from Tiffen has a suggested retail price of $399.