Delkin Black Rugged SD Cards Upgraded

Delkin Black Rugged SD Cards Upgraded


Poway, CA—Delkin Devices upgraded its current line of Delkin Black Rugged SD cards. Available in UHS-I (V30) and UHS-II (V90) formats, Black Rugged SD memory cards now feature a redesigned casing. The new case has no write-protect switch nor plastic ribs that run in between the contacts on the back. The new design enhances reliability as well as ensures long-term functionality.

Under the new SD 6.0 standard, SD memory cards can forgo a write-protect switch and rear plastic ribs. By removing the write-protect switch, the card will never go into read-only mode; as a result, the card cannot be written to.

Delkin Black Rugged SD cards old case (top) and new

“Since its introduction back in 2014, Delkin Black Rugged has grown to one of our most popular and successful memory lines to date,” said Jenn Sherry, Delkin’s Retail Sales & Marketing manager. “However, we’re always evaluating our products and thinking of new ways to improve them. Delkin’s top priority has always been to provide our customers with the best-quality products; ensuring that their precious memories are protected and preserved. We remain committed to that goal.”

Delkin Black Rugged Upgrade

Although Delkin Black Rugged SD cards now utilizing a new case, they are as rugged and durable as the previous version. Built using a proprietary manufacturing process patented by Delkin, the cards are three times stronger than regular SD cards. Moreover, they are able to withstand 45 pounds of impact.

Further, Delkin makes the specialized housing using innovative materials and processes. As a result, Delkin says the cards are virtually unbreakable and superior in terms of reliability and ruggedness.

In addition to being stronger and less breakable than a standard SD card in bend/pressure tests, Delkin Black Rugged cards are also dust-, water- and shockproof. What’s more they can withstand temperatures ranging from 32°F to 185°F.

Plus, the cards come with Delkin’s lifetime warranty policy; Delkin also offers a insurance policy for their Black Rugged memory cards, known as the 48-Hour Replacement Guarantee. Subsequently, Delkin will replace any nonworking Black Rugged card within 48 hours or less (not including weekends) prior to receiving the nonworking card. Consumers can also replace the cards over the counter at any authorized Delkin Black reseller.