Kingston Canvas React Plus V60 SD Card for Pro Photographers

Kingston Canvas React Plus V60 SD Card for Pro Photographers


Fountain Valley, CA—Kingston Digital, Inc., announced it is shipping the Canvas React Plus V60 SD memory card. The latest addition expands the Canvas React family of memory cards tailored for UHS-II photography enthusiasts. Kingston Digital is the flash memory affiliate of Kingston Technology Company, a provider of memory products and technology solutions.

“Kingston offers a range of storage solutions for the everyday photographer to professional videographers, said Carissa Blegen, flash product manager, Kingston. “By introducing the Canvas React Plus V60 SD card, we’ve addressed the demands of users transitioning to UHS-II. Enabling them to capture and store their work with exceptional speeds and generous storage space, all at an affordable price.”

Kingston Digital Canvas React V60 SD Card

The new V60 SD card is crafted for passionate photographers as well as cost-conscious budding creatives. Furthermore, it offers speeds up to 280MB/s. In addition, it provides storage capacities reaching 1 terabyte. Kingston-Canvas_React_Plus_V60

Photographers know a camera’s performance partly hinges on its memory card. The Canvas React Plus V60 SD card addresses this. Kingston engineered the card to permit photographers to capture fast-action shots as well as 4K Ultra HD videos. And to do so without lag or interruptions.

What’s more, the card features a pro-level write speed of up to 150MB/s. As a result, it allows for clear captures in burst mode or continuous shooting. It also helps ensure performance for 4K video at higher frames per second (fps) than UHS-I. This eliminates the wait time for camera buffering.

In addition to its speed, the Canvas React Plus V60 SD card offers generous storage capacities up to 1TB. This means photographers can now carry their entire portfolio in one package. Professionals can now store thousands of high-resolution images and videos, providing convenience while on assignments or during travel.

Kingston’s Canvas React Plus V60 SD cards are available in capacities of 128GB, 256GB, 512GB as well as 1TB. Suggested retail prices start at $79.99. Additionally, they are backed by a lifetime warranty and free technical support.