ProGrade Digital CFexpress Type-B Cards: Higher Capacities, Faster Speeds

ProGrade Digital CFexpress Type-B Cards: Higher Capacities, Faster Speeds


San Jose, CA—ProGrade Digital, Inc., released CFexpress TypeB memory cards. The CFexpress TypeB nextgeneration memory cards offer enhanced performance by leveraging a PCIe, Gen 3 interconnect with an NVMe 1.3 host controller interface. Moreover, ProGrade Digital CFexpress cards provide read speeds up to 1,700MB/s and burst write speeds up to 1,500MB/s.

ProGrade is providing two performance levels. Its Cobalt label delivers a minimum sustained write speed of 1400MB/s for both 325GB and 650GB capacity cards. Furthermore, they are for highresolution video capture and sustained burst image capture applications. ProGrade-Digital CFexpress-Gold-Type-B-1TB

In addition, ProGrade’s Gold label provides minimum sustained write speeds up to 400MB/s, depending on card capacity. These cards are an option for a range of still and moving image capture applications.

“Since demonstrating the capabilities of CFexpress in early 2018, ProGrade Digital has evolved this technology from the first cards introduced at the end of 2019 to these new, faster and lower power cards we are shipping today,” said Wes Brewer, founder and CEO of ProGrade Digital.

“We are now able to offer the widest range of CFexpress card choices to meet both current and future needs of all leading-edge imaging applications. Coupled with our new CFexpress Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.2 Gen 2 highspeed readers and our Refresh Pro performance restoration and health monitoring software application, our customers have a complete solution for capturing and downloading still and video images as well as enhancing their digital imaging workflow.”

ProGrade Digital CFexpress Card Portfolio

CFexpress Cobalt cards offer a maximum read speed of 1700MB/s; a burst write speed of 1500MB/s; and a minimum sustained write speed of 1400MB/s. They come in 325GB, $549.99; and 650GB, $899.99, capacities.

CFexpress Gold Type-B cards offer a maximum read speed of 1700MB/s; burst write speeds up to 1500MB/s; and minimum sustained write speeds up to 400MB/s. What’s more, they are offered in four capacities: 128GB, $179.99; 256GB, $349.99; 512GB, $549.99; and 1TB (terabyte), $899.99.

Both lines of CFexpress Type B memory cards are fully compliant with the CompactFlash Association’s 2.0 specification. They also feature an NVMe host interface with a PCIe Gen3 X2 interconnect. In addition, they offer extended battery life and low standby power through NVMe PS0 – PS4 support. ProGrade-Digital- CFexpress_650GB_Cobalt

In addition, the cards have a metal enclosure for improved durability and heat dissipation. Also, thermal throttling protects the cards from overheating. Other features include 100% full card testing down to individual memory chips for optimal quality; X-ray and shockproof construction; and the ability to operate from 14ºF to 158°F.

Moreover, all ProGrade Digital memory cards have a laser-etched serial number on the back. ProGrade offers unique serialized tracking of every card, enabling identification of key components and manufacturing data for quality control. Customers can register their serial number at to stay up to date on the latest technology developments.

ProGrade Digital CFexpress Gold label cards are available now; the Cobalt label cards will ship late June. Further, they all come with a three-year warranty.