SanDisk ibi Smart Photo Manager

SanDisk ibi Smart Photo Manager


San Jose, CA—The holiday season is about creating cherished memories with love ones. To manage all those captured moments, SanDisk is offering the ibi smart photo manager. SanDisk a Western Digital brand, announced the ibi “is like giving friends and family their own personal cloud to keep their memories all in one place.”

Moreover, ibi is touted as a simple, comprehensive solution to take control of photos and videos, so they can be enjoyed for years to come. Available with 1TB (terabyte) of storage, ibi can store approximately 250,000 photos (average file size 3.5MB) or 100 hours of video.

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SanDisk ibi

“There are many solutions available to help consumers share and manage their photos and videos; however, nothing matches the unique capabilities of ibi,” said David Ellis, vice president of Marketing, Western Digital. “With ibi, we put consumers in control of their content, giving them the peace of mind that their precious moments are in one place, backed up at home, easy to find and ready to privately share.”

Ibi Smart Photo Manager Features

Today, the simplicity of capturing life’s moments is leaving many in a state of digital chaos. People have an abundance of cherished memories at their fingertips; however, they may struggle to manage them all. It’s overwhelming with photos and videos scattered across multiple devices and services. SanDisk-WD-ibi-box ibi smart photo manager

Consequently, ibi aims to solve this problem by offering consumers a physical device that sits in their home. Moreover, it has the added convenience of anywhere access to their photos and videos with its companion mobile app and an Internet connection.

The device can import photos and videos from phones, computers, USB drives, popular cloud accounts as well as social media platforms. In addition, it offers consumers private sharing of individual photos or entire albums. Consumers can also stream their photos and videos directly to a TV via popular TV streaming devices.

In addition, ibi has a one-time cost and no monthly subscription fees. It will hit retail shelves just in time for the holiday shopping season. The 1TB ibi will retail for $129.99.