Shutterkeep Launches with Unlimited, Affordable Cloud Archiving for Photographers

Shutterkeep Launches with Unlimited, Affordable Cloud Archiving for Photographers


Los Angeles, CA—Shutterkeep, a no-limit cloud archive solution built for photographers and creative pros with large data needs, launched with aggressive introductory pricing. Early adopters can enjoy unlimited cloud storage for $20 per month with a smaller 2TB plan available for $10 per mo. Photos, including RAW files, are protected in their original resolution and never resized.

“Photo, graphics professionals and videographers create massive amounts of data and continue to struggle to backup and protect their work. For instance, many are still copying data manually to DVDs or swapping drives at a bank vault and doing this each week or month. It’s honestly a waste of energy,” said Stephen Gold, Shutterkeep’s Project Lead. “With the launch of Shutterkeep, all of a person’s digital creative material can be easily, automatically and privately backed up to the safety of our cloud.”

Shutterkeep is designed to protect all files from loss, including RAW and other large file types, by backing them up to a secure, personal cloud folder. There is no bandwidth throttling, no file size or type limits and no limits on how many computers, hard drives or files can be protected.

Shutterkeep’s encryption technology protects files before they leave a customer’s computer and backs them up to the cloud via a secure connection where they are encrypted again for two layers of military-grade security at all times.

Available now for PC users, Shutterkeep is free for the first 30 days. Customers can select either a 2-terabyte package at $10/mo or $100/year, or an unlimited storage package for $20/mo or $200/year. Mac and mobile applications will become available over the coming months.