Stratasys Takes a Road Trip with 3DRV Tour of the United States

Stratasys Takes a Road Trip with 3DRV Tour of the United States


Minneapolis, MN—Stratasys Ltd., a global leader of 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions, is cosponsoring a coast-to-coast 3D printing road show based out of a recreational vehicle called the 3DRV. The 3DRV is touring the United States to explore how 3D printing and additive manufacturing are changing the way things are designed and manufactured, and the implications for businesses and society.

The eight-month road show, sponsored by Autodesk, HP, Nvidia, Jayco, FARO and Stratasys, kicked off late May in San Francisco and includes more than 100 planned stops and visits with companies, students and individuals across the country. As part of the tour, the 3DRV visited Stratasys headquarters in Minneapolis on June 30.

Along the tour, consumers will be able to interact with Stratasys 3D printers to see how the technology can be applied in design, manufacturing and a variety of applications across industries. TJ McCuem, a 3D printing enthusiast, writer and owner of Refine Digital, is documenting the journey through video, multimedia and stories.

“We believe that 3D printing is revolutionizing how products are designed and manufactured, providing new opportunities to businesses and manufacturers of all sizes,” said Gilad Gans, president of North America operations for Stratasys. “Like the Internet in the 1990s and smartphones in the last decade, 3D printing technology is expected to become highly accessible, and it is likely poised to usher in a new world of design and manufacturing possibilities.”

3DRV’s journey can be followed at, or visit Stratasys’s Facebook, Twitter, and company blog for updates.

Stratasys’s subsidiaries include MakerBot and Solidscape, and the company operates the RedEye digital manufacturing service.