Tenba Messenger DNA Bags with Quiet Velcro Opening

Tenba Messenger DNA Bags with Quiet Velcro Opening

Tenba Messenger DNA 11

North White Plains, NY—Since the original launch in 2013, Messenger DNA bags have been Tenba best sellers. The bags feature edgy styling, water-repellent fabrics, a quick-access top zipper and interior organization.

Despite its success, Tenba received numerous requests for a silent opening option on the Messenger DNA. “Everyone loves the security of Velcro, but they hate the sound it makes,” said Peter Waisnor, vice president of Tenba. “We searched for a solution that would allow the bag to close securely but still enable the user to open it silently. We found our solution in a Velcro developed for the military, so that soldiers could open packs and pockets in the field without drawing attention.”

Tenba Messenger DNA 11

By pulling down on the front flap before pulling away from the bag, the Velcro will disengage with almost no sound, enabling unobstructed access to the interior, even when the shooting environment requires discretion and quiet.

In addition to the new quiet Velcro, Tenba added olive green, cobalt blue and dark copper color options to the original graphite. The Messenger DNA bags continue to feature Tenba’s abrasion- and moisture-resistant body armor base panel, silver/black reversible WeatherWrap rain cover, removable padded camera insert and security strap for bicyclists. The new bags retail for the following SRPs: $89.95, DNA 8; $139.95, DNA 11; $159.95, DNA 13; and $169.95, DNA 15. tenba.com