The Spotlight Is on . . . Delkin Devices

The Spotlight Is on . . . Delkin Devices


To thousands of photographers around the world, Delkin means uncompromising quality and innovative products that last and last. Delkin Archival Gold hundred-year discs, Delkin Power camera batteries and Delkin card readers are the choice of professional and discriminating photo enthusiasts everywhere.

But to an elite group of camera specialty stores here and abroad, the name Delkin Devices means much more. To store owners, Delkin is the solution to several of the problems plaguing photo retail. Delkin Black memory cards are the linchpin of that solution.

Founded in 1986, Delkin Devices began manufacturing photo accessories because of founder Martin Wood’s passion for photography. In fact, Wood worked as a successful wedding photographer during his college days, so his interest in the industry is more than skin deep. A privately held corporation—with Wood still at the helm as CEO—Delkin also designs and manufactures custom memory modules on an OEM basis for several companies you would recognize. Putting the two together explains why it was completely logical for them to engage in the photo memory card business.

Delkin Black memory cards are not just another accessory competing for shelf space. Made in the USA and grounded in the notion that photographers treasure images far more than mechanical storage devices, the Black line delivers many exclusive benefits to consumers—and more than just a few to resellers.

All Black cards are serialized. Customers can register them individually and Delkin records and preserves owner information. This is a plus in the case of theft, and a bigger plus if the owner needs to contact Delkin for support. Delkin provides a 48-hour replacement guarantee and replaces damaged cards—no questions asked—even in the case of user abuse. What’s more, in addition to replacing damaged cards quickly, Delkin attempts to recover all data free of charge. Needless to say, the Delkin Device guarantee provides priceless peace of mind.

The other half of the equation is a very strong dealer program. Delkin Black memory cards are exclusive to camera stores only, on an authorized basis. No big-box retailers, and dealers have ample opportunity to make a minimum of 40% margin.

To encourage sell through, Delkin Devices provides sales incentives on the Black line. Dealers report inventory movement and Delkin cuts checks monthly. They offer flexible incentive compensation arrangements and can issue the checks directly to retail salespeople or to the dealer for disbursement. So far they have paid out roughly $150,000 in spiffs.

“We are addressing the needs of camera stores,” said Anna Gabele, director of Marketing at Delkin Devices. “We’ve spoken with dealers across America—and across Europe for that matter—and have put together a program that we believe solves many problems they face in today’s marketplace.”

Delkin Black memory cards are tough. Available in SD, microSD and soon in CF form factors, all Delkin Black cards are ruggedized and virtually unbreakable. Ordinary SD cards are thin wafers of plastic sonic welded together with a chip inside. Delkin Black cards’ outer cases are made as one solid piece. In stress tests, Delkin Black cards survive 45 pounds of pressure while competitors fail at 10 pounds or less.

“It’s a product story. It’s a quality story. We’re not asking them to sell a fable or fairy tale,” Gabele continued. “What we’re offering is an exclusive, innovative memory card product to camera stores that’s not available online or at mass retail and guarantees camera store owners a minimum 40% margin.”

At PhotoPlus Expo in New York in October, Delkin Devices is introducing Delkin Black CompactFlash memory cards in 64GB and 128GB capacities built into custom-molded steel outer cases that are screwed together instead of sonic welded.

Other new product announcements include a ruggedized 1TB external SSD hard drive with USB 3.0 connectivity that’s bundled with a one-year subscription to Mylio digital asset management (DAM) software, a $250 stand-alone value.

Camera specialty store owners who are interested in finding out what it takes to become an authorized reseller of the exclusive Delkin Black memory card line can contact sales manager Jen Sherry (858-391-1234), who will also be available to sign up qualified dealers at PhotoPlus Expo.