Two New Mist Filters from B+W Filter

Two New Mist Filters from B+W Filter


Hauppauge, NY—B+W Filter, a specialist for quality photo filters, introduces its latest product: V-Pro Mist Filters. The lineup includes the White and Black Mist filters.

“In the age of high-resolution camera lenses with perfect imaging performance, photographers are often looking for ways to add an artistic touch to their images. Mist Filters offer a solution by adding an atmospheric aura to images and movie scenes,” the company announced. “Mist Filter have become an important tool for photographers who want to create a romantic and cinematic atmosphere inspired by the look of vintage films. You can choose between White and Black Mist Filter for a variety of creative expressions.”

White Mist Filters
White Mist Filter

These filters are used to create a soft, dreamy effect reminiscent of classic soft-focus techniques. For portrait and landscape photography, they work in bright sunlight, softening harsh shadows and casting a more even, softer light on the scene. They also offer photographers the ability to create a retro look that adds a charm to their shots.

Black Mist Filters

In addition, these filters add another dimension to creative expression. They do so  by creating a more atmospheric look with less image brightening. They provide richer blacks and halos around highlights, adding depth and atmosphere.

Furthermore, the best effect is achieved by both filters under appropriate lighting conditions. Backlight, highlights and specular highlights must be present. Start with a discreet filter strength of ¼ and then increase.

Black Mist Filter

The effect of the dust filter is affected by the choice of aperture, so photographers should choose the aperture carefully—not too wide. For example, the maximum aperture is 11 at 50mm/FF or 5.6 at 28mm/FF. Telephoto lenses starting at 85mm/FF are less critical. If the lens is stopped down too much, the effect structure can be sharply reproduced in the image due to the larger focus area.

For a complete list of the available filter diameters, click here.