Unified Color Technologies’ Assets Bought by Pinnacle Imaging

Unified Color Technologies’ Assets Bought by Pinnacle Imaging

Pinnacle Plans Expansion beyond Consumer Software to Next-Gen HDR Video Cameras


Belmont, CA—Pinnacle Imaging Systems, developer of still and motion imaging technology, acquired the intellectual property, products and trademarks developed by Unified Color Technologies. Pinnacle plans to expand beyond consumer-focused HDR software solutions to offer its technology as embedded HDR solutions for digital still and video camera designs.

Pinnacle Imaging Systems will continue to support and develop its still-image HDR applications, HDR Express, HDR Expose and its Photoshop plug-in, 32 Float, under the Pinnacle Imaging Systems brand.

“This is an exciting time for our team as we are expanding our core color technology IP, which has long driven our consumer software applications, to now address video and embedded hardware designs,” said Alfred Zee, president and CEO of Pinnacle Imaging Systems. “With our technology embedded in next-generation still and video cameras, system designers requiring improved video quality will be able to deliver the most accurate color and tonal rendition possible for real-time HDR capture.”

With digital imaging, photographers and filmmakers have been bound by the inherent contrast or dynamic range limitations of their capture devices, none of which were actually capable of rendering the contrast ranges that are visible to the human eye, explained Zee. Pinnacle’s proprietary Beyond RGB color technology was developed to provide the most true-to-life results for those looking to maintain color rendition consistent with that seen by the human eye.

By licensing its technology to hardware developers, Pinnacle Imaging Systems will enable the next generation of video cameras to shoot real-time high dynamic range video that is safe from disorienting color shifts during video processing. pinnacleimagingsystems.com