GoPro Launches Xbox 360 Channel App for On-Demand Viewing of GoPro Videos

GoPro Launches Xbox 360 Channel App for On-Demand Viewing of GoPro Videos


San Mateo, CA—GoPro official launched its GoPro Channel app for the Xbox 360 gaming console and home entertainment system, which allows Xbox Live Gold members to stream GoPro video content on-demand and purchase GoPro cameras and accessories through the app.

To commemorate the launch, GoPro is releasing two videos exclusively to the Xbox 360 community over the next two weeks, including trick shot basketball footage and a snowmobile “cliff huck” edit featuring snowcross champion Brett Turcotte.

“The GoPro Channel app will bring the best of GoPro originally produced and user-generated content into the homes of millions of Xbox Live Gold customers,” said Adam Dornbusch, head of Contest Distribution at GoPro. “We’re excited to launch with exclusive content for early adopters of the app and stoke out the Xbox 360 community with hours of engaging and inspiring GoPro videos through the channel.”

The relationship with Microsoft augments GoPro’s initiative to expand its content distribution and community reach beyond current brand platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo and In October 2013, the company launched a GoPro Channel on Virgin America in-flight entertainment, and additional content partnerships are anticipated in 2014. A GoPro Channel app for the Xbox One is expected to launch this summer.