iON Air Pro 2 Wearable, Wi-Fi and Waterproof POV Camera Set to...

iON Air Pro 2 Wearable, Wi-Fi and Waterproof POV Camera Set to Ship


Moorestown, NJ—iON Worldwide upped the ante in its line of point-of view (POV) action cams with the debut of its second-generation iON Air Pro 2. The wearable, high-definition video camera offers new features designed to make it easy for skiers, bikers, boarders, skaters and other sports enthusiasts to capture and share video and images—while retaining the compact size, light weight, waterproof design and Wi-Fi connectivity of the original Air Pro.

The Air Pro 2, which will ship in March, is one of three cameras iON unveiled at the 2013 International CES. Also announced are the GPS-equipped iON Adventure, designed for travelers and adventure-seekers, and the iON Speed Pro for motor and marine sports and racing.

“The POV category is crowded, and we aim to set ourselves apart by offering a wide range of options that meet the diverse needs of our customers. iON Air Pro 2 provides a higher level performance, designed to satisfy those who seek top-quality video and audio—all within a cohesive ecosystem that provides a superior user experience,” said Giovanni Tomaselli, CEO of iON Worldwide.

With a 14 megapixel sensor, the iON Air Pro 2 captures 60 frames per second HD video. Like the original Air Pro, this camera vibrates when recording stops or starts so shooters know if they are capturing their adventures. A new 180º lens provides a wide field of view to capture more of a scene, and its standard battery provides 2.5 hours of recording time. iON also added a microphone-in jack, enabling the use of accessory microphones for pro-quality audio recording.

With the addition of the accessory Wi-Fi PODZ, iON Air Pro 2 users can upload videos to social sites via iON’s iOS and Android apps for smartphones and tablets. The app enables use of an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch or Android phone or tablet to stop and start recording, change camera shooting modes, trip the shutter for still images and check battery life.

Two different packages will be available this month: the iON Air Pro 2 HD sports video camera bundled with a mini tripod, helmet mount, travel power adapter, USB cable and pouch for $249.99; the iOn Air Pro 2 Wi-Fi, which includes the Air Pro 2 package plus the Wi-Fi PODZ for instant connectivity to the iON app, for $299.99.

In other news, iOn Worldwide just moved into its new U.S. headquarters located at 513 South Lenola Road, Suite 101, Moorestown, NJ 0805.