2009 PhotoPlus Video Pavilion: Nice Fit as Part of Shows Evolution

2009 PhotoPlus Video Pavilion: Nice Fit as Part of Shows Evolution


As technological advances are continuing to blur the lines in many tech industries, trade shows are learning to adapt and change the landscape of their offerings as well.

Over the last several year we’ve seen many of the shows in the imaging and CE spaces add “Tech Zones” or special showcase areas to address evolutionary changes happening in these markets.

The 2009 PhotoPlus Expo held in New York’s Jacob Javits is no exception and the special Video Pavilion they added to the show this year is a perfect example of the aforementioned trend.

With HD video capability continuing to change the game in the DLSR market, show organizers needed a hook to address and properly spotlight this emerging trend. PDN teamed with Picture Business & Mobile Lifestyle magazine for the formation the first of what they hope are many years of the PPE Video Pavilion.

“What this convergence did in the consumer space a few years ago was give people a way to easily shoot short clips they could post to the Web using their digital camera, “ began social media analyst George Wang. “Now HD video capability is available on all sorts off hand held devices. Allowing a still camera to capture video completely changed the way consumers thought about video and what to do with it and now it’s changing the way pro shooters are looking at their craft.”

Against that intriguing backdrop the PhotoPlus Expo Video Pavilion raised its curtain for the 2009 show and here’s brief  look at exhibitors that helped kick off the inaugural Video Pavilion:


Vimeo is a video-sharing site that is essentially YouTube for people that actually have talent. From the beginning, the developers of Vimeo explain, “the site  was created by filmmakers and video creators who wanted to share their creative work, along with intimate personal moments of their everyday lives. As time went on, like-minded people came to the site and built a community of positive, encouraging individuals with a wide range of video interests. The company is based out of both New York and Portland, Ore.


Among several new media and reader announcements at PPE, SanDisk also showed their line of Extreme Pro Compact Flash cards.

The company explained  that, “as more DSLRs include HD video capabilities, fast transfer rates are needed, and the SanDisk Extreme Pro is claimed to offer a zippy read and write speed of up to 90 megabytes per second.” The cards will be available in 16-64GB capacities. www.sandisk.com


"Video continues to play an ever-increasing role in the lives of professional photographers and enthusiasts," explained Lon Mass, vice president of sales and marketing, JVC Professional Video Products Division. "PhotoPlus Expo offered a great opportunity for JVC to showcase its products to a new audience that is ready to incorporate motion into their world of still images and help them build a new platform for sharing their vision with their clients and the world."

Standing behind that quote was the Everio X, a compact camcorder that features full l HD 1920×1080 video as well as  9 MP digital still capability as well as creative shooting functions such as ultra-slow motion video and high-speed "motor drive" still photography, “all this with the convenience of a single pocket-sized camera.”

The company is also getting in on the pocket camcorder game with its new Picsio GC-FM1.  The Picsio shoots 1080p video as well as 8MP still shots.  JVC also added image stabilization to reduce camera shake and this pocket-sized device  also charges via USB, has a HDMI out, a SDHC card slot, and a 2-inch LCD.  www.camcorder.jvc.com

Under the tagline, Write Once, Read Forever, this Springville, Utah –based storage solutions company showcased the Millennial Disc Series, what they termed as the “first permanent, backwards-compatible archiving solution for the digital age.”

The M-ARC Disc is the first product of the Millennial Disc Series and it’s features include: the promise of data preservation for centuries with changes in data layer; Constructed with rock-hard materials known to last for centuries; Backwards-compatibility on all standard DVD drives; Functions like a standard DVD with a capacity of 4.7 GB;  Exclusively written by the M-Writer Drive.  www.millenniata.com

iDC Photo Video
Intelligent Design Concepts (iDC) Photo Video produces what they term, “intelligently designed products for discriminating still photographers and videographers worldwide.”

Photographer Bruce Dorn, Canon Explorer of Light, has developed a high quality line of specialty photo and video gear. “Whether you are shooting stills or HDSLR video, the iDC Photo Video web store offers products to get the job done,” he explains. From the company’s "Run & Gun" Viewfinder and rod-less Follow-Focus Kit to its “Speedlite Slipper System," iDC Photo Video’s unique tools “will add a whole new dimension to your work.”  www.idcphotovideo.com