Trio of JVC All-Weather, Quad-Proof Everio Camcorders Now Available

Trio of JVC All-Weather, Quad-Proof Everio Camcorders Now Available


Wayne, NJ—JVC is offering three new Everio camcorders, the GZ-R70, GZ-R30 and GZ-R10, featuring JVC’s quad-proof structure. The camcorders are water resistant to a depth of 16.4 feet, have the ability to float, are built to withstand a drop from 4.9 feet, offer dustproof construction and are freezeproof to 14˚F. They also have an internal battery that provides 4.5 hours on a charge.

In addition, the new camcorders feature a 40x optical zoom, a 2.5 megapixel back-illuminated CMOS image sensor, audio that zooms with the picture, and compatibility with third-party editing software, including iMovie and Final Cut Pro X.

Quad-Poof technology was first offered in JVC’s Adixxion action cameras, designed for shooting point-of-view action video. Bringing it to the Everio series means that videos can be created under a wider range of weather conditions. And contributing to the camcorders’ IPX8 certified water resistance and IP5X dust resistance is the internal battery, which eliminates the risk of damaging the camera while changing batteries in bad weather. The camcorders are also compatible with third-party portable batteries, such as the type used with smartphones for emergency charging.

The definitive advantage that Everio camcorders offer over smartphones is quality optics, notes JVC. The Everios are equipped with a large-caliber Konica Minolta HD lens with 40x optical zoom. With 60x dynamic zoom, the 2.5MP BSI sensor is said to maintain the picture’s HD resolution even when exceeding the optical zoom range. Adding to audio quality is JVC K2 technology, which is applied during recording for effective sound restoration during playback. It includes an original algorithm that effectively attenuates wind noise picked up by the mike.

The three new JVC Everio camcorders are differentiated by internal memory capacity and the inclusion of a built-in LED light in the GZ-R70 and GZ-R30. All three also include a card slot. They are available with the following body colors and prices: GZ-R70, black, 32GB, $499.95; GZ-R30, black, 8GB, $449.99; and GZ-R10, black, blue or red, no internal memory, $399.95.