Zoner Releases Zoner Photo Studio 17 as Lightroom Alternative

Zoner Releases Zoner Photo Studio 17 as Lightroom Alternative


San Francisco, CA—Zoner, Inc., developer of Zoner Photo Studio image-editing software and the free, unlimited cloud service, officially released Zoner Photo Studio 17 in the U.S.

Zoner’s latest version of this complete photo-editing and management software package offers several new features, including home sharing, a seamless way to share memories on a TV, PC and smartphone; the new and improved cartoon and lens flare tools; a more efficient photo management interface; and more robust tools for working with RAW files.

“Our experience with past versions has taught us that users want a software program that offers them the opportunity to do everything from A to Z. That’s our ace in the hole with ZPS, that’s our foundation—it’s what separates us from all the pack,” said Ales Hasala, head of Development for Zoner.

The home sharing feature offers a quick way to display and share photos on screens throughout the house, beyond the computer they are stored on, such as on a DLNA-compatible TV, Android devices that have Zoner’s Android app or any computer on the home network.

For those who enjoy immersing themselves in the creative aspects of image editing, ZPS 17 has added a host of editing tools to open up new directions. And for more advanced users, ZPS 17’s automatic optical defect correction using LCP profiles will be appreciated.

Zoner also made major changes to the program’s RAW module—the most significant since version 12. Zoner’s RAW development tool is now more powerful and intuitive. Among the improvements is an automatic button that streamlines working with the histogram and colors; one click now reveals the optimal settings. ZPS 17 now reflects all changes in the RAW module in pictures’ previews in the manager and viewer.

In addition, working with large photo collections is now significantly faster and smoother in ZPS 17, courtesy of the program’s smarter catalog and an improved side panel in the manager. Batch-tagging photos is possible using keywords and other metadata, both in the manager and during the photo import process.

Zoner Photo Studio 17 retails for $89. Upgrades from older ZPS versions are priced at $49. Zoner also offers household license extensions for $49.