Google Camera Go App: Better Mobile Imaging

Mountain View, CA—There are more than 3.5 billion people who use smartphones, but that’s only 45% of the world’s population, according to Google. Consequently, the company created its Android Go edition to bring more...

Luxi iPhone Light Meter Attachment

Palo Alto, CA—A light meter attachment for iPhones, Luxi is a versatile accessory for phoneographers. The pocket-size plastic clip attaches to iPhones and iPads. The handy device works with a free app to display...

Phase One Expands XT Rodenstock Lens Range

New York, NY—Phase One announced a new lens roadmap for its XT lens range. Part of Phase One’s XT camera system, the current XT Rodenstock lens lineup is set to expand. In 2020, Phase...

Polaroid Now Cameras Unveiled along with New Corporate Look

New York, NY—Polaroid Originals is marking the final chapter of its 2017 revival story; the company is returning to the original name, Polaroid, and unifying the brand. To celebrate, the company unveiled a fresh...

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