Panasonic Lumix G100 for Vlogging and Creative Video

Newark, NJ—The Panasonic Lumix G100, a digital single-lens mirrorless camera, debuted for vlogging and creating video. The camera boasts intuitive controls and excellent sound quality for content production. Moreover, usability is enhanced by its...

ShootProof Galleries for Good Program Launches

Atlanta, GA—ShootProof launched a corporate giving program called ShootProof Galleries for Good. ShootProof is a global provider of online gallery software and related services for professional and semiprofessional photographers. “ShootProof’s Galleries for Good program empowers...

Next-Gen Canon Ivy CLIQ2 and Ivy CLIQ+2 Instant Camera Printers

Melville, NY—To facilitate capturing, printing and sticking photos, Canon USA, Inc., released the next generation of Ivy products: the Canon Ivy CLIQ+2 instant camera printer + app and the Canon Ivy CLIQ2 instant camera...

Rokinon AF 35mm F1.8 E-Mount Prime Lens

New York, NY—The Rokinon AF 35mm F1.8 full-frame compact, wide-angle lens in the Sony E mount was introduced. It is the company’s tenth autofocus lens for Sony mirrorless cameras. The lens weighs 7.4 ounces and...

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