2009 Wish List

2009 Wish List


No, this isn’t a New Year’s resolution-type editorial about how I’d like to see myself 20 pounds lighter (my plan is to actually gain weight this year – I want to be a massive load of a man) or to try to develop a higher patience level with my kids (they misbehave, I yell, that’s that).

No, this is a brief look at a few of the things I’d like to see happen within the imaging industry in 2009 – some of which will solely be to my benefit and others that I think can work out well for all of us.

First off, I understand the economy is feeling a little under the weather lately and, of course, I hope it is back on its feet again sometime soon. That being said, one of the areas I fear will take a hit is the emerging tech sector. Quite simply, innovation is at the heart of everything that’s great about this industry and I’m hoping that many of the latest whiz-bang innovations we’ve gotten a peek at lately, or that have been rumored to be just around the corner, don’t get derailed by the crummy eco-climate we’re now living in (we take a peek at 7 such technologies we think will make a splash this year in this issue – page 18).

Quite frankly, with so many in the tech sector seeking shelter these days, now’s the time to get aggressive and show the value in these emerging technologies to customers and prospects. It is always best to shout when everyone else is quiet. You will surely be heard. My 3-year-old son is an expert in this area.

Based on many of the little side conversations I’ve had during the course of the year at various events, there is some very interesting imaging technology currently in developmental stages – let’s hope financial concerns don’t leave them there indefinitely.

Well, I’ve been rooting for this next one for years and have been told all the reasons why it will never happen, but I’ll say this regardless. I really hope I see a national photography campaign sometime this year. While I have to say I’m seeing some really clever imaging commercials (the Walgreens’ spot with the people as someone’s memories stuck in the hard drive is excellent), I believe a collaborative effort that promoted the wonders of digital imaging and the various ways it allows us all to tell our unique little life stories would be hugely beneficial to all. I never forgot the “Incredible, Edible Egg” jingle…did you?

I know various forms of this next request are currently out there now, but I’m hoping I can purchase a software product that I load into my computer and, hence-forth, all I have to do to find an image on an internal/external drive is type into a search box the name of a person, place or thing associated with that image and up it (or they) comes. I can recall images I’ve captured of my family that I loved that are uploaded to my desktop, swallowed into a folder and then off to cyber never, neverland – with the completely irretrievable tag of P9120001.JPG. It’s like Richard Dreyfuss in American Graffiti trying to find that blonde in the T-bird – a smile and then gone.

Lastly, I hope we all move smartly and deftly enough to come out of this mess clean on the other side. We are all tied to a remarkable product that is constantly getting reshaped by amazing technology. Let’s all help keep the world clicking and sharing well beyond this little bump in the road.