3D at Retail Bests In-Theater

3D at Retail Bests In-Theater


Consumers are more wowed by 3D demonstrations that they see in retail stores than they are by 3D movies in theaters, according to a report released by NPD Group Tuesday.

According to NPD's new 3D 360° Monitor, 20 percent of customers who see 3D demos in-store are “amazed,” while only 15 percent of those who see movies in the theater feel the same way. The survey also found a sizable gap between the 42 percent of those asked who proclaimed themselves “at least somewhat interested in watching 3D movies at home,” and the 11 percent who say they actually plan to.

“Since high-quality digital 3D has been available in the theaters for a few years now, consumers have come to expect impressive effects that are worth the price of admission,” Ross Rubin, executive director of industry analysis for The NPD Group, said as part of the announcement. “However, 3D TVs are relatively new and those viewing a demo don't have to pay for the privilege, resulting in lower expectations that the sets are often exceeding.”