6Sight Future of Imaging Conference Speakers Announced

6Sight Future of Imaging Conference Speakers Announced


Future Image Inc., The Association of Imaging Industry Executives (AIE) and PMA recently announced the initial lineup of speakers for the 2008 edition of the 6Sight Future of Imaging Conference featuring, as organizers explain, “leaders who will explore some of the most important issue in imaging today.“

These topics will include facial recognition, geo-imaging, ubiquitous sensors, and live demonstrations of cutting-edge research. The executive-level conference, held Nov. 18-20 at the Monterey Conference Center and the Portola Hotel & Spa in Monterey, Calif., includes presentations, panel discussions, product demonstrations and interactive events. Some sessions are grouped into clusters, groups of several presentations, panel discussion, and technology demonstrations all focused on a particular topic to provide different perspectives. Throughout the program, attendees will enjoy 6Sight’s New Technology Showcases: Straight-to-the-point 10-minute presentations of potentially game-changing technologies, many shown in public for the first time, and the ongoing Tech Fair.

Bill Lloyd, CTO, Eastman Kodak Co., will present the Nov. 19 keynote address “Press The Button 2” in which he will explain how the phrase that launched an industry, “You Press the Button, and we do the rest”, remains powerful today, as a strategy to put the complexities of digital imaging behind us and simplify the digital photography experience for consumers.

One of technology’s revolutionary voices – Garage Technology Ventures founder Guy Kawasaki – will present his view on the strategic direction of business for the next three to five years to kick of the Nov. 20 program. 

Alexis Gerard, founder and president of Future Image, author of “Going Visual” and 6Sight co-founder and conference chair will present his “6Sight Perspective,” a big picture view of the challenges and opportunities facing the imaging industry.

Paul Worthington, Future Image analyst and editor of the 6Sight Future of Imaging Report, will present the “State of the Camera Industry” and host the “Future of Cameras” cluster of sessions which will explore the features and capabilities expected in the next generations of both entry-level point-and-shoot devices and sophisticated DSLRs.

New Technology Showcase presentations will feature some of the most exciting new imaging technologies available presented by those responsible for developing and bringing them to market. Showcase presenters include: Bob Goldstein, president, Apeer; Iain Scholnick, CEO and president, ImageSpan; Michael Moore, CEO, RocketLife; Sami Niemi, CTO, Scalado; Rodney Shaw, Image Scientist, Vista Point Technologies a Flextronics Company.

Eric Zarakov, vice president of Strategic Marketing, Tessera Imaging and Optics Group, will moderate the “Small is Big” session to explore the development of extremely small, low-cost “intelligent” camera modules being deployed in a wide range of consumer devices including toys, multi-sensor cameras, automobiles, televisions, and remote control devices.

John Larish, contributing editor, Photo Industry Reporter, will report on the new printing technologies unveiled at the most recent DRUPA, the world’s largest printing event, as a lead in to the “Printing at the Speed of Ink” session. In addition to his keynote, Lloyd will speak on this panel where he will relate some of his experiences developing the HP ink jet cartridge in a panel discussion highlighting printing models of the future for consumer and commercial applications. The moderator will be imaging luminary Scott Brownstein, who led teams developing single-use cameras, instant-print stations, scanning services, and many other groundbreaking technologies at leading photography companies including Kodak and Fujifilm.

Tony Henning’s “State of the Camera Phone Industry” presentation, an annual favorite of attendees, will lead off a cluster of sessions on the “Future of Camera Phones” with such notable speakers as Venkat Puntambekar, segment marketing director, Aptina; David Cao, general manager and vice president, Mobile Business Unit, ArcSoft; Mike Walters, senior vice president and general manager, Vista Point Technologies a Flextronics Company, and Feisal Mosleh, marketing manager, Kodak’s sensor division. 

Kristy Holch, founder of InfoTrends and reporter for Consumer Electronics, will moderate 6Sight’s unique “Analyst Roundtable” that brings together top U.S. and European imaging marketing research analysts to compare and to contrast their views on industry issues, and seize the opportunities that lie ahead. Analysts will include Gary Pageau, publisher, PMA: Worthington, Ed Lee director, InfoTrends and other imaging industry analysts.

The “From the Worldwide Frontlines – An International Retailers Panel” session that takes a look at consumer trends in various regional markets will include such retailers as Russ Bricker, senior vice president Merchandising and Services, of Canadian retailer Black Photo Corp., Markham, Ontario.

Philip H. Scott, vice president Consumer Digital Group of Kodak and Lee Shupp executive vice president of the strategic innovation consulting firm Cheskin are two of the speakers who will explore the proliferation of high-definition televisions and home networks that is driving a new way for consumers to enjoy their pictures and videos that goes far beyond an easier and improved version of the slide show in the “Living Room Imaging” session.

Additional information about the 6Sight conference program and speakers is available at www.6Sight.com