Adobe Revel 1.2 Photo Organizing App Now Available

Adobe Revel 1.2 Photo Organizing App Now Available


San Jose, CA—Adobe’s Revel 1.2, now available in the Mac App Store and the iTunes App Store, is a photography app that gives people one place to put all their photos, which they can access from their Mac, iPad and iPhone.

The app includes a set of intuitive editing tools and offers users the ability to share photos with family and friends; a photo library can also be shared with others, allowing multiple people to access, import and edit the same set of photos from the convenience of their own devices.

With Adobe Revel, people have all their photos no matter what device they have with them—import a photo on one device and see it on any device where the app is installed. Adobe Revel also makes it easy to create better looking photos—people can crop, apply Looks (filters) or use sliders that control lighting, color and clarity. Edits made in one place are updated in Adobe Revel for all other devices.

New features available in Adobe Revel 1.2 include: Events, label and group photos so a photo library matches how things happened in real life; Multi-Select, share, export and delete multiple photos at once; Update Date and Time, make sure photos are in the right place by ensuring they have the correct date and time; and Grid View, view photos from a single day or event in a grid.

With Revel 1.2, users have more ways to view their photos—by event and by event date—and they will benefit from improved editing performance on iPhones and iPads.

Users with an expired trial as of April 12, 2012 will have 30 days to try the new version. To start another 30-day complimentary subscription, users need to login with their existing Revel ID. Users will not be automatically charged at the end of their complimentary subscription; this applies to all users of the Revel 30-day complimentary subscription. Subscription pricing for an Adobe Revel account is available from $5.99/month.