New Smartphone Support From AetherPal

New Smartphone Support From AetherPal


AetherPal Inc. recently announced that Scicom has become the first helpdesk to install the AetherPal remote control solution for Smartphone support. With the use of AetherPal, Scicom will be able to remotely handle and resolve any issues that occur on a Smartphone, independent of its location.

The company claims that mobile subscribers will experience faster Trouble Ticket resolution and will not need to try and resolve problems themselves. The helpdesks will be able to handle issues remotely as if they had the Smartphone in their hands, thereby significantly reducing the troubleshooting time. AetherPal, being one of the most user friendly software applications, will also help to reduce operator training time for the Customer Care organizations.

Leo Arivana, CEO of Scicom, said “Faster Trouble Ticket resolution times and fewer duplicate commands between the mobile subscriber and the Customer Care personnel will provide increased customer satisfaction. This technology will be cheaper for the operators to deploy, significantly decrease the number of device returns and reduce the number of subscription cancellations while providing a true value added service”.

“AetherPal is very excited to announce this commercial relationship with Scicom” said Larry Smith, AetherPal Vice President of Sales, “As the global smart phone penetration rate continues to increase at a very rapid pace, we will continue to deliver best in class troubleshooting solutions for wireless Customer Care organizations around the globe.”